Khalid Al Ameri Lists The 5 Arabic Words That Every Tourist Coming To Dubai Should Know | Curly Tales

by Mallika Khurana
Khalid Al Ameri Lists The 5 Arabic Words That Every Tourist Coming To Dubai Should Know | Curly Tales

Who is the most well-known Emirati content creator who has made a commitment to capturing our hearts by sharing interesting and culturally pertinent content? We all recognise him as Khalid Al Ameri from Dubai, which is our favourite city. He showed us around Dubai while sharing stories about his work, his culinary adventures, and other topics. Khalid Al Ameri, a fantastic YouTuber, joined our Editor-in-Chief, Kamiya Jani, on this lovely afternoon to explore Dubai. Khalid not only showed us the souqs and important locations of this Emirate but also gave us an insight into his life as a husband, a parent and a content creator.

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Khalid Al Ameri Tells Us 5 Arabic Words That Every Tourist Should Know

After a day full of fun and food, it was time for some games. Kamiya Jani started with a game called ‘5-second fire’ where he had to answer the questions he asked as quickly as possible. To answer the first question, Khalid Al Ameri had to name 3 things he keeps on his bedside. To that, he answered his phone, a glass of water, and a Quran.

Next, he was asked to tell 5 Arabic words that he believes every tourist in Dubai or other Arab countries should know.

Here are the 5 words he mentioned. The first one was ‘Salaam’, of course, translating to ‘Hi’ in English. The second one was ‘Shukraan’,  which means ‘Thank you’, and the next was ‘Afwan’ which means ‘You’re Welcome’. The fourth and fifth ones were ‘Akel’ and ‘Maa’, translating to ‘Food’ and ‘Water’, respectively.

Take notes, everyone!

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The Game Turned Much More Fun

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The next question was what are the 3 things he says most often when he is angry? In response, he mentioned, Oh no, taking a deep breath and Alhamdulillah. As per the next answer, his favourite food items are Biryani, Spaghetti and Pizza.

Then came the most interesting question. What 3 things about him annoy his wife Salama the most? Khalid Al Ameri explained that she gets mad when he irritates her deliberately, watches a Netflix show without her and wakes her up in the morning.

The conversation continued with interesting questions and even more interesting answers.

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