Khonoma Village in Nagaland,The First Green Village In India

by Madhusree Chatragadda
Khonoma Village in Nagaland,The First Green Village In India

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Nagaland’s Khonoma Village has emerged as the greenest village in India! Here’s how!

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What Is It?

A little away off from Dimapur, the only city in Nagaland to have its own airport, lies the pristine green village of Khonoma. The village is smartly divided into a terrace farming framework.

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Houses here are made of bamboo walls and mud flooring still! Even the fences of these houses are made of stones and the furniture is also made out of bamboo. Fuel is still obtained by using firewood here, blocks of which are stored in each house.

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What’s More

The tribal people in Khonoma bury their dead within the surrounding area of their houses because they believe that the dead should remain close to their home!

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Khonoma is also known for its stone carvings. The village is not equipped with restaurants and hotels but does include a few homestays which can only be booked through the tourism department Kohima.

So proud of Khonoma! You are a source of inspiration to all!