Kolkata-Bound IndiGo Flight’s 5-Hr Delay Led To Passengers Hurling Abuses, Tossing Objects At BLR Airport

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Kolkata-Bound IndiGo Flight’s 5-Hr Delay Led To Passengers Hurling Abuses, Tossing Objects At BLR Airport

On Tuesday, Bengaluru’s Kempegowda International Airport (KIA) witnessed angry scenes at Gate 8 of Terminal 1. The reason behind this was the delay of the Kolkata-bound IndiGo flight. The flight was delayed by 5 hours, and passengers claimed that the staff did not respond to their questions well. Agitated passengers started hurling abuse and tossing objects at the airport. 

Kolkata-Bound IndiGo Flight’s 5-Hr Delay

After an unexpected delay of about 5 hours, a Kolkata-bound IndiGo flight finally took off from Bengaluru’s Kempegowda International Airport (KIA). But the five hours of delay were not really peaceful at the airport. 

The ground staff of IndiGo failed to give convincing replies to the queries of worried passengers as the flight was delayed. Instead, the ground staff slowly began disappearing, leaving the passengers baffled. The boarding gate was also changed three times, adding to the frustration of the passengers. 

IndiGo flight 6E 6572 From Bengaluru to Kolkata was supposed to depart from Kempegowda airport at 4:05 pm on Tuesday. The delay and no answers by ground staff angered the passengers, and they began tossing objects at the airport, including signboards and barricades. (As per The Times Of India)

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Technical Snag Was The Reason

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A Bengaluru man was in tears as he booked the flight to reach Kolkata after hearing the news of his mother’s passing away. He wanted to reach the city as soon as possible to perform her last rites. Another passenger was flying to Kolkata for his father’s kidney treatment. 

The reason behind the passenger’s anger was not the delay in particular but the behavior and attitude of the IndiGo ground staff. The already distressed passengers were not even given a bottle of water.

The Indigo crew finally arrived at 8:30 pm at the boarding gate and the flight took off for Kolkata at 8:55 pm. It reached its destination at 11:50 pm. The reason behind the delay is stated to be the delay in the carrier’s connecting flight coming from West Bengal because of a technical snag. (As per The Times Of India)

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