You Have Seen Oppenheimer, Now See Pizzaheimer; Viral Weirdly Shaped Pizza Confuses Netizens

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
You Have Seen Oppenheimer, Now See Pizzaheimer; Viral Weirdly Shaped Pizza Confuses Netizens

All the movie buffs have surely watched Oppenheimer. Wait, why only movie buffs? The craze of the movie had made almost everyone watch that movie. The movie had a clash with Greta Gerwig’s Barbie. The madness of both movies led to the coining of ‘Barbenheimer’. Well, now the internet is going crazy with the term Pizzaheimer. What’s that?

You Have Seen Oppenheimer, Now See Pizzaheimer

Oppenheimer set many records after its release. Christopher Nolan fans could not wait for its release, and the pre-release bookings set records. Being released with Barbie, the term ‘Barbenheimer’ took over the internet. 

But now it’s time for Pizzaheimer! A picture of a weirdly shaped pizza is going viral on the internet. The picture was posted on X (formerly known as Twitter) and, in a very unexpected manner, reminded people of the movie Oppenheimer. 

The picture shared by @messedupfoods featured a pizza with its center caved in that was placed on the upper rack in an oven. The middle part of the pizza looked like a hollow, with sauces and cheese flowing down to the lower base. The lower base looked like a small pool with pizza toppings, sauce, and cheese. 

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Social Media Users Get Creative

This weird structure of the pizza reminded people of a very important scene from the movie Oppenheimer. Yes, the shot of the atomic bomb from the movie Many of the X (formerly known as Twitter) spotted this resemblance, and that gave rise to many terms mixing the words pizza and Oppenheimer. 

The post by @messedupfoods has by far garnered over 611.7K views and 12.1K likes on the platform. 

One of the users posted a video of the atomic bomb scene to make the reference clear for other users who looked confused. There were many terms like Oppenheimer, Oppenpizza, Ovenheimer, and more. 

Many users also joked about the weirdly shaped pizza and came up with one-liners.

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What are your views on this?

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