Indian Celebrity Chef Ranveer Brar To Open His 1st Restaurant In Dubai HERE Next Month

by Anupriya Mishra
Indian Celebrity Chef Ranveer Brar To Open His 1st Restaurant In Dubai HERE Next Month

There are many Indian restaurants in Dubai and most of these places offer dishes that are more or less similar. But what if we told you that there is a new restaurant coming to the city that aims at whipping up dishes that you might not typically find in a restaurant? Well, we say this, because that’s actually true! As it happens, Indian celebrity chef, Ranveer Brar, is opening his new restaurant KashKan in Dubai, which is also the first in the Middle Eastern region.

Chef Ranveer Brar Opens KashKan In Dubai

Indian celebrity chef, Ranveer Brar is famous for his mouthwatering recipes on his channel on YouTube. But he is equally famous for his stint, as one of the judges on the Indian MasterChef. And for the first time ever, this chef restauranteur is opening his restaurant in the Middle East. Yes, he is bringing KashKan to Dubai Festival City Mall which is also his first restaurant in the Emirates. An ode to the flavours encompassing flavours all the way from Kashmir the northernmost part of India to Kanyakumari. In the Southern part, this new restaurant is a travelling bag of rich culinary traditions of the country.

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What Can You Expect In This Restaurant?

This is brilliant news for foodies because he has not opened a restaurant in over four years! However, it must be noted that he has several dining destinations located across North America and South Asia. KashKan is set to open its doors in September and will be located in the Dubai Festival City Mall. His restaurant is located on the first level of the mall and will be able to seat 210 people at a time, as mentioned by the National News. They also have an outdoor area where people can take their meals while gazing over the waterfront promenade.

Finally, the kitchen is separated by a glass window and there is a central bar where drinks and desserts will be prepared for the customers. Coming to the food, the chef has created a menu that highlights the authentic flavours of the country, steering clear of the typical food that one may find in an Indian eatery.

So, if you are also a fan of the celebrity chef and want to dive into unique Indian dishes, don’t forget to check out the restaurant once the doors fling open.

Cover Image Courtesy: Instagram/kashkanbyranveerbrar