Kolkata: Heavy Rainfall On Saturday Evening Leads To Waterlogging in New Town And Rajarhat

by Shreya Ghosh
Kolkata: Heavy Rainfall On Saturday Evening Leads To Waterlogging in New Town And Rajarhat

Some parts of Kolkata experienced heavy rainfall on Saturday evening. The continuous downpours in several areas led to waterlogging in different areas. Some of Kolkata’s most posh and well-known areas experienced waterlogging because of yesterday evening’s crazy rainfall. The scenario following the rainfall was quite grim in many places and people living here are a bit stressed.

Kolkata’s New Town & Rajathat Faced Some Issues

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Overflow of water at any place is a problem for residents at any point in time. And after last evening’s downpour, some areas of New Town and Rajarhat faced waterlogging, according to a report by The Times of India. New Town faced some similar issues 2 years before as well. During that time, this part of Kolkata saw stretches drenching for continuous few days. The Times of India report stated how the residents of that area are concerned and talked about how the last night’s waterlogging scenario was quite similar to what happened two years back.

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The residents of New Town are requesting the concerned authorities to take steps for the severe problems faced due to waterlogging and prevent the chances as well, the secretary of the New Town Citizens Welfare Fraternity shared with The Times of India. Contaminated water collected in front of houses and residential areas is surely a problem for people to step outside and visit somewhere.

New Town Kolkata Development Authority officials stated that pumps were used to take control of the situation. Pumps were used to clear the severely stagnant water. An official also shared that the unnecessary bushes are chopped off and cleared so that the rainwater cannot log and get collected at places, according to the TOI report.

What Does The Current Situation Look Like?

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We contacted some residents living close to Rajarhat. Only some parts of New Town and Rajarhat experienced heavy rainfall followed by waterlogging. The update of Sunday morning is that the situation is a lot in control right now. The issue has been solved in many places. In fact, nearby areas did not face the problems of waterlogging after Saturday evening’s rainfall.

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These are all the recent updates on the last evening’s rainfall in Kolkata.

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