Kolkata’s 40 YO Tibetan Delight Shuts Down; One That Got Missed To Be Checked Off My Bucket List

The doors of Kolkata's famous Tibetan Delight have been shut down.

by Shreya Ghosh
Kolkata’s 40 YO Tibetan Delight Shuts Down; One That Got Missed To Be Checked Off My Bucket List

If you are in Kolkata, you are in for a gastronomic feast probably in every other lane of the city. Eateries, cafes, and restaurants serve the best taste of different cuisines from all around the world. Apart from traditional Bangali khabar, the city also offers authentic momos and the credit behind introducing this to Kolkata goes to Tibetan Delight. Alas! The iconic eatery has been closed now.

Kolkata’s Famous Tibetan Delight Has Been Shut Down

Tibetan Delight
Picture credit- Disha Roy

For momo lovers like me, this news came as a major shock! It was just a normal Thursday for me until I stumbled upon an online post stating how Tibetan Delight nestled at 66/1 Chowringhee Road has pulled down its shutters for visitors. There is a significant reason behind this decision by the concerned authorities.

An official of PCB shared with The Times of India that the eatery is not allowed to run as it did not increase the chimney stack height by 3.5 m higher than the closest tallest building. Along with an order issued by the pollution regulatory authority of West Bengal, the water line and electricity of Tibetan Delight are now cut as well.

From our parents to our generation, foodies of different ages enjoyed exploring Tibetan Delight. Famous for momos, chow mein, thukpa, the spread of lip-smacking dishes served at this Tibetan eatery tucked inside a narrow lane was super affordable. The 16-seater eatery will continue to be special for visitors, especially foodies who love Tibetan and Chinese delicacies.

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I Sooo Wanted To Visit This Place

Tibetan Delight
Picture credit- Disha Roy

I love exploring cafes and restaurants, especially the new ones opening up in Kolkata. Being someone who lives about 60-70 km away from the city, I visit there only a few times a month. And every time I end up heading to some Instagrammable cafes or unique-themed restaurants. In the crowd of these new places and the urge to explore aesthetic places and click pictures for the gram, I somehow forgot, rather delayed my plan to visit Tibetan Delight, enjoy its rustic charm, and gorge on a feast of mouth-watering momos and thukpa.

Sadly, now I cannot visit the iconic 40-year-old eatery in the narrow passage and tick it off my bucket list of places to explore in the City of Joy. Being an ardent fan of relishing hot momos, the shutdown of Tibetan Delight has been sad news for me. Thousands of other foodies who have been regulars here will miss the decades-old vibes.

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Have you tasted the treats served at the Tibetan Delight?

Cover Image Courtesy: Disha Roy

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