Kulhad Pizza Is A Food Trend Now & You Can Have It In Delhi At Just ₹99

by Suchismita Pal
Kulhad Pizza Is A Food Trend Now & You Can Have It In Delhi At Just ₹99

We all have tried kulhad chai. But have you ever come across a kulhad pizza? Guys, our favourite pizza has been desi-fied inside clay pots now and we can’t wait to try them. While many eateries have been serving this unique pizza, the one served at a food joint in Gujarat’s Surat named The Cone Chaat is going viral now. To make this snack, a filling made with pizza crust, vegetables, sauces, oregano, cheese and more are stuffed inside a kulhad. The kulhad is then put inside an oven. The baked kulhad pizza coming out of the oven looks like a slice of paradise!


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The pizza isn’t just served in Gujarat, you can relish it in Delhi too. Rabit Lee Cafe in Krishna Nagar has launched this pizza in Delhi. Recently, the video of Rabit Lee’s kulhad pizza was uploaded on the YouTube page lawsome foodie. A mere look at the cheesy pull is shooting up our hunger pangs!

Try Kulhad Pizza At Just ₹99 At This Kulhad Festival In Delhi

You can now have kulhad pizza by shelling out just ₹99 at the Kulhad Festival going on in Cafe Ate PM in Delhi’s GTB Nagar. The festival is taking place from September 25 to October 3, where you can gorge on over 10 varieties of Chinese Kulhad and Tadka Maggi Kulhad for ₹99 each. Earlier, we had told you about the Creamy Kulhad Dahi Vada At Gole Hatti, Chandni Chowk.


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Kulhad Pizza Is Served In Mumbai Too

Mumbaikars can also immerse in the magic of this dish at Aashiq Chai Ke at Shivaji Park, Dadar West. The Overloaded Cheese Chicken Kulhad Pizza comes at ₹249. Topped with corns, olives and dollops of cheese, this kulhad pizza looks heartily pleasing and tastes delicious too. Aashiq Chai Ke is the first-ever place in Mumbai to serve this amazing grub.

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Have you tried this blissful dish already?