Get Over Kulhad Lassi & Try Creamy Kulhad Dahi Vada At Gole Hatti, Chandni Chowk

Kulhad Dahi Vada Gole Hatti Chandni Chowk
by Suchismita Pal
by Suchismita Pal 1373

The scorching summer heat definitely calls for something to cool off the body and soul. While kulhad lassi is one of the most refreshing drinks of summer, we’ve bumped upon something which is probably more tastier than the regular kulhad lassis. It’s kulhad dahi bada guys, and guess what, it’s beautifully creamy and rich. To dig your spoons into this delicacy, you need to rush to the iconic Gole Hatti, nestled in the vintage alleys of old Delhi’s Chandni Chowk.

Kulhad Dahi Vada Gole Hatti Chandni Chowk

Picture Credits: Times of India

Creamy Dahi Put Over Fluffy Vadas Inside Kulhad

To prepare a serving, two vadas are first picked up from the sugar syrup. After straining the extra syrup, the guys put the fluffy vadas inside the earthen kulhad. Then they pour enough of creamy dahi over the vadas. They top the dahi with masala and chutney and the kulhad dahi bada is ready. Its juicy, thick and delicious. It will have your taste buds satiated and tummy duly filled at the same time. And per serving of this deliciousness comes at just ₹70. Move Over Golgappa As Aloogappa Is Also A Trend Now & We Are Loving It!

Kulhad Dahi Vada Gole Hatti Chandni Chowk

Picture Credits: Zomato/Gole Hatti

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Try The Kulhad Wala Chole Chawal Too

Besides dahi vada, there’s a lot more to try at Gole Hatti. While you’re here, you can also try the kulhad wala chole chawal, and the chawal of this dish is a form of pulao. Over the chawal, choley sabzi is poured. This is topped with palak ki sabzi, followed by imli ki chutney. The serve is then garnished with cucumber, carrot and onions.  If the dish can sound so soothing, imagine how heavenly it would taste. The shop makes home-style comfort food with a twist. Apart from these, it also serves samosas, aloo tikkis, dahi bhalla and more.

Kulhad Dahi Vada Gole Hatti Chandni Chowk

Picture Credits: Zomato/Gole Hatti

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So, are you ready to go binging on these yummies?

Address: 2-4, Church Mission Road, Fatehpuri, Chandni Chowk, New Delhi

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