Dimaag Mat Khao! Instead, Eat The Skull Pav Bhaji In Gurgaon’s Inferno Brewpub

by Suchismita Pal
Dimaag Mat Khao! Instead, Eat The Skull Pav Bhaji In Gurgaon’s Inferno Brewpub

The humble, buttery pav bhaji is one of the heartiest street snacks we all love. But Delhi NCR has got a version of this dish that will simply blow your mind. One of the most dazzling pubs in Gurgaon, Inferno Brewpub makes pav bhaji with a twist. The Devilled Pav Bhaji here is shaped like a skull. Yes, at this restaurant, you can literally eat up a skull. Spookily delicious, ain’t so? Read on.

Eat Up The Skull And Burp!

Inferno Brewpub doesn’t just have a mind-boggling ambience, but it also makes dishes with multifold quirks that will have you screaming wow. The Devilled Pav Bhaji dish includes two skull-shaped pavs and a delicious curry served in a ghostly bowl. The dish gives total Halloween feels! The striking skull pavs may look nerve-racking from the outside, but once you take a bite, you’ll know the magic. The Devilled Pav Bhaji dish is rolled out at ₹315.


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Chocochips Pranked Puppy

At Inferno Brewpub, a chocolate dessert is served that looks exactly like a cute little puppy. You’ll go all awwww-ed over this Instaoworthy dessert. This delish treat meant for adventurous foodies comes at ₹245

24-Carat Edible Gold Burger

You won’t have to go to Columbia to tuck into the royal and opulant gold burgers. Inferno Brewpub serves the burger right within Delhi NCR. The Gold Burger 2 at this pub is a 24-carat edible gold glazed burger and is served in veg and non-veg options. The burger comes at ₹645 and ₹815 respectively, for veg and non-veg.

Skull Pav Bhaji Gurgaon
Picture Credits: Tastemade ( for representation)

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Excited already? Call up your pals and head to the brewpub to gobble up all the sass and the glitz!

Address | Inferno – Brewpub & Kitchen – Plot 6 & 7, Sector 29, Gurgaon