Kurkure + Pizza = Snack Time Sorted With Ulta Pizza In Kemps Corner

by Akriti Seth
Kurkure + Pizza = Snack Time Sorted With Ulta Pizza In Kemps Corner

Under 140 Characters

Ulta Pizza in Kemps Corner brings a feeling of nostalgia back, as they combine our childhood favourite snack with pzza. Kurkure Pizza it is!

What Is It?

Ulta Pizza in Kemps Corner has decided to take snacking up a notch by inventing this uber cool, Kurkure Pizza. This winner of a pizza is your childhood and adulthood combined in a snack for a mere 140 bucks.

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What’s In It?

Okay! Kurkure and Pizza! The pizza has a stuffing of kurkure and is overloaded with cheese. Oh! And then it is upturned (hence the name ulta pizza or upturned pizza)

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About Ulta Pizza

“Ulta Pizza” is a pure veg outlet in SoBo that serves a varieties of pizzas, sandwiches and fast food. Popular among office goers, college crowd and anyone for a quick bite, it’s one of the favourite spots.

They have the fresh, piping hot and Delicious Ulta Pizza, Pinky Pizza, Cheese Grill Sandwich & Alfredo Pasta, Chole Tikki, Nachos, Rolls, Masala Pav, Paneer Frankie, Dabeli, and street food from various regions in India with the flavours spot on.

The name comes from the concept that they upturn the pizza and hence its called ‘Ulta Pizza’.

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Where: Ulta Pizza, Z 5523, Near Cumballa Hill Hospital, Pan Gully, Kemps Corner
When: 9 am to 9 pm
How Much: ₹140 for Kurkure Pizza

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