Kusha Kapila Says This Dish Tastes Better In Delhi

by Ankita Mazumdar
Kusha Kapila Says This Dish Tastes Better In Delhi

Kusha Kapila is always all over the internet. After her quirky and fun Instagram reels, she has now entered the Bollywood industry. She has multiple films lined up for this year and we cannot keep calm for her budding success. Even last year she was the Judge in Case Toh Banta Hai. Recently, Kusha Kapila and Shilpa Shetty met with our Editor-in-Chief, Kamiya Jani, for this Sunday Brunch Episode. Watch the entire electrifying and laughter-filled episode linked below.

Kusha Kapila Says This Dish Tastes Better In Delhi

Kusha Kapila has very specifically mentioned that she will not partake in the forever ongoing battle of Delhi and Mumbai food, she did pick a teeny tiny dish which will always be better in Delhi. Can you guess which one she picked? It is 100% going to be Chhole Bhature!

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We might agree with Kusha on this, though. The Chhole Bhature of Delhi is just a ‘Chef’s kiss’. She does draw a very clear line between the Delhi v/s Mumbai food battle because she doesn’t want to choose any side. She is a Delhi girl when in Delhi and a Mumbai girl when in Mumbai.

Looks like Kusha has caught up with the struggles of being a constant Delhi-Mumbai girl. She sums it up by saying, “Dilli mein Dilli ki item khao aur Mumbai mein Mumbai ki item khao.” This sounds about right as well.

She Approves Of Ragda Pani Puris

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Being from Delhi, Kusha Kapila likes Gol Gappas and she hasn’t had a chance to get her hands on Mumbai’s Pani Puri. This Sunday Brunch was all about us making Kusha fall in love with Mumbai’s food. We have been quite successful and we are extremely proud of it!

Shilpa taught Kusha how to make a ragda pani puri while explaining the food items along the way. They both did ‘cheers’  with their pani puris and Kusha gave an instant appreciation for it. She said, “Very tasty!” and to this Kamiya replied affirmatively, “Chalo, Delhi approved!” Kusha then asked, “Something was very tasty, I don’t know…” and to this Shilpa and Kusha replied in unison, “RAGDA”.

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Comment down below if you prefer Pani Puri or Gol Gappa.

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