Dine Like Never Before At Labassin Waterfall Restaurant

by Angel Srivastava
Dine Like Never Before At Labassin Waterfall Restaurant

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The Labassin Waterfall Restaurant in the Philippines offers a unique experience of having your meal while sitting right in the middle of a waterfall.

Image Credits: Ngtraveller

What’s it?

Located in the Villa Escudero Plantations and Resort, the Labassin Waterfall Restaurant is one-of-a-kind as it serves authentic seafood on bamboo tables, while you enjoy the cool breeze of the surrounding forest and the refreshing waterfall.

Image Credits: India.com

The restaurant boasts of a scrumptious Filipino platter that you can enjoy with your feet dipped in the cold water. You might also get wet while having your meal, but eating in the midst of a waterfall is an experience that you shouldn’t miss when in Philippines. worth an experience which you cannot miss while in the Philippines.

What’s more?

The Labassin waterfall is not a natural waterfall. It is a runoff from the Labassin Dam, which happens to be Philippine’s first hydroelectric plant.

But even though it’s an artificial waterfall, the experience is nothing less than reality.

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The restaurant has a soothing ambiance with traditional music playing in the background. Often local dancers also head over for performances.