Laser Shows, Card Games & More! Celebrate A Cracker-Free Diwali In Delhi, The Awesome Way!

by Vidisha Khaitan
Laser Shows, Card Games & More! Celebrate A Cracker-Free Diwali In Delhi, The Awesome Way!

Crackers are banned in Delhi. You might be bummed but you know what saans ayegi guys. We’ve seen smoke coming in through the crevices in closed doors and it is scary. Let’s get our priorities straight and find better ways to celebrate Diwali this year. Think of all you could do with the extra cash. We have the perfect alternatives for your cracker-free max-fun Diwali celebration.

1. Attend The Magnanimous Laser Show

Picture Credit: YouTube (for rep)

Ravana’s blood was green this year. Dussehra already saw stunning laser shows across the city. Of course, Diwali will be even better. The Delhi government is organizing a four-day laser show in Connaught Place from October 26 – 29, 6 PM – 10 PM. Traffic and crowd management are top priority, second only to the food!

2. Feed the needy

Picture Credit: Pexels (for rep)

Use your crackers budget to make this Diwali better for humanity in more than one way. Not only will save the environment, you will also save lives by satiating sad eyes and starving stomachs. We promise you will die a happier person. Delhi has one of the highest population densities in the world. Love thy neighbour, food is love.

3. Buy from local artisans for lifelong treasures

Picture Credit: caleidoscope (for rep)

Here’s another way to spend the money slotted for soldiers against green peace. Delhi has magnificent Diwali melas that are platform to traditional craftsmanship. The intricate detail of handicraft cannot be replicated by commercial gift shops. Get your hands-on gifts, diyas, murtis, lanterns, jewelry and so much more at Dastkar, Blind School and Dilli Haat this Diwali!

4. Make special gift hampers

Picture Credit: justrufs (for rep)

Everybody is an artist, it’s not that hard and it doesn’t have to be perfect. Get together, curate special gift items handpicked for your loved ones and put them in a basket. Top it off with candy, ribbon and one of those local artisan treasure pieces we talked about.

5. Eat, Just Eat

Picture Credit: Pinterest (for rep)

It’s really that simple. All the crackers khujli will go away if you feed yourself enough. Delhi sees the best food this time of year, it’s inescapable. North Indian, street food, mithai, the list goes on. Just buy food hampers for a Friday night in. anything is better than killing the environment for an hour of bright lights and loud noise.

6. Protect Your Furry Friends

Picture Credit: dogtime (for rep)

We know you love your crackers. The question is, do you love them more than puppy eyes? Animals are literally tortured by crackers. Well, humans are too but we kind of deserve it so… But they don’t! Love your Tommys and whatever cats are called. We’re not biased towards dogs we just love them more. Delhi NCR has some great animal daycare centers where you’ll find a lot of sad eyes amidst the noise on Diwali. Instead of making it harder for these innocent creatures, let’s give them some respite this year.

7. Learn New Card Games

Picture Credit: PXhere (for rep)

It’s a challenge for seasoned players because they’ve played everything. It’s a challenge for those who don’t play because they probably don’t know how to. For those on a losing streak, maybe new games bring new luck. It’s a challenge you’ll enjoy. If you’re visiting Delhi then this is the perfect opportunity take back some ace skills.

8. Melas

Picture Credit: democracynewslive (for rep)

Our favourite way to enjoy Diwali is this. The whole city is in a frenzy. The décor is shining and people are loud, you won’t miss crackers one bit. The best part is the food, but the shopping comes pretty close. Recycled décor, artistic gifts, cotton clothing, non-smoke candles and Delhi’s best diyas are all under one roof and many such roofs.

9. Natural colours for Rangoli

Picture Credit: styles at life (for rep)

Did you know Rangoli colours are made of marble dust? For real. Ditch it. Run away. It might be a bit more expensive but hey, we have all that excess crackers cash. Use it to buy rice and vegetable Rangoli colours or better yet, gain a new skill this Diwali: make it yourselves! YouTube has all the information. If that’s too much then just head to Chandni Chowk for every kind of Rangoli you can imagine.

10. Pledge Trees

Picture Credit: PXhere (for rep)

What’s the opposite of bursting crackers? What’s the opposite of being an enemy of human life? Have we guilt tripped you enough? Delhiites can get free saplings from the government this Diwali. Go be an enemy of Global Warming. Don’t leave the world on read.

Diwali is about fun, love and food. Decorate and clean your homes. Support indie artists. Make your loved ones happy. Make your stomachs happy. Most of all, make your lungs happy!