Last-Minute Cancellation, Delayed Flight & More! AirAsia India Goofs Up 9 Passengers’ Travel Plans

by Shreya Rathod
Last-Minute Cancellation, Delayed Flight & More! AirAsia India Goofs Up 9 Passengers’ Travel Plans

AirAsia India, an Air India subsidiary, goofed up and ruined travel plans for passengers. Nine passengers on an AirAsia India aircraft from Bangalore to Kochi and Goa, including a senior citizen in a wheelchair, are upset about the cancellation of their vacation plans as a result of the airline’s serious error and a Saturday connection flight delay from Bhubaneswar.

AirAsia India Goofs Up Resulting In Ruining Travel Plans For Passengers

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Credits: Wikimedia

AirAsia staff made an error and botched the travel plans of passengers flying from Bangalore to Kochi and Goa. In fact, a connecting flight from Bhubaneswar was delayed too. The airline put them on flights the next day (Sunday) when they objected at Terminal 2.

One couple was from Kolkata, while the other seven had flown into Bangalore from Bhubaneswar. The couple stated that their AirAsia flight was from Kolkata to Goa via Bhubaneswar and Bangalore. The man further stated that they were travelling to Goa to visit with their two daughters and a son. They were forced to join a different flight to Bangalore because of a technical problem at Bhubaneswar, which added to the delay.

In fact, after reaching Bangalore, the couple reached the Goa flight’s boarding gate at 10.20 pm. But, the airline staff asked them to come back at 11:00 pm. When they came back later, the staff asked them to stand aside.

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Flight Tickets Cancelled By The Airline Staff

airasia india flight
Credits: Wikimedia

A similar thing happened to another passenger, Sangram Das. Moreover, their boarding passes were not passing through the scanner. It was revealed that their flights were cancelled by the airline staff at the Bhubaneswar airport!

The passengers denied agreeing to this decision despite airline staff insisting that they have. In fact, passengers denied getting any alert on the cancellation. The passengers further asked for help from the Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) after much protest. They were provided seats on a 4:00 am flight on Sunday. According to Sangram Das, if the flight was cancelled, how did the CISF allow them inside?

Six passengers missed their trip to Kochi due to the delay on the flight (I5 1563) from Bhubaneswar to Bengaluru. According to Amit Kumar, they were led to the lounge and told that they couldn’t sleep. They were attempting to assist a woman in her fifties who was wheelchair-bound and travelling alone.

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They were asked to board a flight at 5 am flight to Kochi.

Cover Image Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons