AirAsia Is Now Air India Express! The Airline Has Received Regulatory Approval

by Shreya Rathod
AirAsia Is Now Air India Express! The Airline Has Received Regulatory Approval

AIX Connect is a subsidiary of Air India and is operating as AirAsia. Recently, it announced a significant development in its ongoing integration with Air India Express. Now that the airline has acquired a regulatory licence, it can operate its flights as “Air India Express.” The integration initiatives have advanced significantly as a result of this breakthrough. The initiatives include the harmonisation of customer touchpoints, services and products across both airlines.

AirAsia Will Now Operate As Air India Express!

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With the regulator’s permission, the airline can be promoted, distributed, and operated under the shared brand name “Air India Express.” This was prior to the upcoming planned legal merger of the two firms.

The plan to combine consumer offerings under a single and updated brand in the coming months shows a dedication to a superior customer promise, consolidating product and service standards and releasing synergies between the two businesses.

Air India Express and AirAsia India have made substantial progress towards unification over the previous few months. The airlines unveiled an integrated website in March. And it has a thorough user interface and allows passengers to access services from both carriers on one platform, easing the travel process.

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Multiple Efforts Taken To Improve In-Flight Experience

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In an effort to improve the in-flight experience, Air India Express recently debuted the popular ‘Gourmair’ in-flight dining menu. It has a variety of delectable hot meals, lite nibbles, and desserts.

Priority boarding, check-in, and luggage services were made available to passengers of both airlines earlier this month as part of the ‘Xpress Ahead’ ancillary add-on programme. In addition, a variety of other ancillary add-on services and related sub-brands will be coordinated by both airlines.

In order to give customers additional choices for travel, AIXL and AIXC currently operate flights from 20 Indian cities to 14 regional foreign destinations while each airline also serves 19 domestic locations.

Launched in 2005, Air India Express is a fully owned subsidiary of Air India and the country’s first international low-cost airline.

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AIX Connect offers sumptuous leather seats, Gourmair hot meals, cutting-edge in-flight entertainment, and a variety of special loyalty perks for Tata NeuPass members.

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