Legendary Paratha Sandwich Spots You Cannot Miss

by Sweta Swaminathan
Legendary Paratha Sandwich Spots You Cannot Miss

If there is something that is truly exclusive to the Dubai trail, it’s the scrumptious paratha sandwiches. This roll can give serious competition to the best of the street foods in the world. The irresistible flakey parathas are filled with a variety of meat, eggs, veggies and condiments. We are confident that would leave you licking your fingers in no time.

There are innumerous cafes that have mastered this delicacy, for instance, the infamous Oman Chips Paratha. It is a combination of cream cheese, hot sauce and of course the star ingredient the Oman Chips. It is something that is so dear to the folks of the UAE, you cannot not love it.

We have compiled a list of the places that serve the best Paratha Sandwiches from all around Dubai – make sure you try these and perhaps thank us later.

Paratha ‘N Rolls

Paratha n Rolls brings a much-needed twist to the popular breakfast dish – the paratha with the addition of some of the most unique flavours. Some of the bestsellers of Desi cuisine such as Paneer Makhni, Butter Chicken to form some of the most succulent rolls ever created. One of the must-have rolls is their Dynamite Shrimp Rolls – which is without a doubt one of the most popular dishes at the restaurants. Priced between AED 10-AED 15, these make a perfect snack to have while you’re on the go.

Credits: Paratha N Rolls / Facebook

Karakee Cafe

This new kid on the block has been garnering quite the popularity for creating some of the most groundbreaking combinations in Paratha Sandwiches. From Sweet to Savoury, each bite of these sandwiches is a festival of flavours. The parathas compliment perfectly with the condiments. One cannot miss the Karakee Signature Fransisco which is filled with cheese, succulent pieces of chicken and sauces. If you are someone who has a sweet tooth, you must try their Peanut Butter & Banana Sandwich. Each of these sandwiches is priced under AED 10 only.


Credits – Karakee Cafe / Facebook

You cannot miss their Karak Chai for the world.


Hum Yum is one of the pioneers in redefining Emirati Cuisine in the region. Amidst all of the delicacies they have whipped up to lure foodies from around the Emirate, they bring one of the most irresistible Oman Chips Parathas oozing with cheese and everyone’s favourite Oman Chips. Crunchy and Juicy at every bite – one cannot resist from having more than one.

While you are there, you could also have a bite of their incredible spread of Rigags, Khamirs and more.

Jabal Al Noor Cafeteria

If the Cafeterias had to have a leader, Jabal Al Noor would definitely win the crown for having the greatest variety of snacks and beverages that are a bliss to every foodie’s soul. This budget-friendly destination in infamous for their shawarmas, sandwiches and off-beat juices that are not only light on the pocket but is delicious.

They also whip up some incredible paratha sandwiches such as Zinger Paratha, Oman Chips Paratha and the list continues. Being on the affordable end, this place is popular amongst students. We are sure they would definitely recommend these rolls that go perfectly with some Karak.

Credits: Jabal Al Noor / Facebook

Koukh Al Shay

Koukh Al Shay is every Karak lovers paradise. Much similar to Jabal Al Noor, Koukh is a popular hangout spot that is pocket-friendly, easily accessible and infamous for their irresistible food & drinks.

We recommend this place in times of a cash crunch as these sandwiches with meat/veggies come for less than AED 5. In case you would like to indulge in more, you wouldn’t be breaking the bank.

Credits – Koukh Al Shay / Facebook