Stock Up! The List of Dry Days For The Remainder Of 2017

by Pooja Paryani
Stock Up! The List of Dry Days For The Remainder Of 2017

Horror Movie Plot: It’s a long weekend, but it turns out to be a dry day. 

Now you certainly don’t want to be the star of this movie, do you? Ever happened that you figure on a dry day that you don’t have any alcohol in stock and you just got to know it’s a dry day?

So, What Are Dry Days Exactly?

On Dry Days consumption of alcohol is prohibited. There are specific days in India on which the alcohol shops down their shutters and holidays goes waste. Mahatma Gandhi also discouraged alcohol consumption hence the dry days are followed strictly.

Except for Gandhi Jayanti, Republic Day, and Independence Day, tell me, (be honest, God is watching!) how many more dry days could you recollect? None! No problem, we have got you a list of dry days in India so you can stock your poison before the wine shops close.

But before you jump to the list, there is one more thing to be noted. In some states, dry day is observed even on the days of elections. So when you go for the poll you won’t get to party.

1. Stock By 20th February!

February 21, Tuesday: Swami Dayanand Saraswati Jayanti

February 22, Wednesday: Guru Ravidas Jayanti

2. Stock By 30th April!

May 1, Monday: Maharashtra Day

3. Stock By July 3rd

July 4, Tuesday: Ashadhi Ekadashi

4. Stock By 14th August

August 15, Tuesday: Independence Day

5. Stock By 1st September

September 2, Saturday: Bakri Id

6. Stock By 4th September

September 5, Tuesday: Anant Chaturdashi

7. Stock by 1st October

October 2, Monday: Gandhi Jayanti

8. Stock By 7th October

October 8, Sunday: End of Prohibition Week

9. Stock By 1st December

December 2, Saturday: Id-E-Milad

List of Dry Days

In fact, tell me about your experiences and how you managed on dry days in the comments below.

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