London Is Now The Most High-Tech City In The World, New York Being The 2nd!

by Shreya Rathod
London Is Now The Most High-Tech City In The World, New York Being The 2nd!

There are several surveys conducted to check and rate the development of places across the globe. Similarly, a Smart Centre Index has been released where London was crowned as the most high-tech city in the world. It investigates how well major commercial hubs throughout the world can design, develop, and use technology. 

London Is The High-Tech City

london Smart Centre Index
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The Distributed Futures programme established the Smart Centre Index (SCI), a project to monitor the growth of financial and technological hubs around the world in terms of their receptivity to and preparedness for new technological applications. 

It measures how well-suited technology hubs and their regulatory systems are luring innovation and growth in science, technology, energy systems, machine learning, distributed ledgers, and fintech. Its goal is to assist investors, governments, and regulators in tracking the attractiveness of technology hubs for new technologies and products. London is ranked first in the Smart Centre Index and New York has claimed second place! 

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According to Michael Mainelli, executive chairman of Z/Yen Group, they can only address global issues by utilising technology. Only if they can deploy it will their expectations of technology be met, and that is what commercial centres are for. They must enhance their evaluations of new technologies, including artificial intelligence (AI), materials, space, graphene, carbon capture, and quantum computing, more than ever because it is an exciting but difficult period.

Key Points In The Index

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  • Western European and US centres continue to do well, whilst Asia/Pacific centres have somewhat dipped.
  • The top 10 include three American and four Western European centres. Hong Kong and Singapore rank in the top 10 Asian and Pacific cities.
  • For the first time, Tel Aviv makes the top ten.
  • In SCI 7 rankings, five centres moved up by at least 10 spots and six centres dropped by the same.
  • The average rating in SCI 7 increased by 6.28 per cent after falling in SCI 6 due to a decline in all centres’ ratings.
  • This might indicate a rise in confidence in the standard and breadth of technological and innovative progress worldwide.

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