Lookalikes Of Famous People Selling Things On The Streets That Had The Internet Confused

by Shreya Rathod

Whether it is a big Bollywood star or a politician, famous people are easy to spot. But what happens when you are in front of their lookalikes? Similar facial expressions and hairstyles can have you baffled for a minute thinking whether it is the same person or not. And it leaves you stunned if that person is your pani puri wala. Yes, that’s right. We have celebrity doppelgangers that are street vendors and clothes sellers. Don’t believe us? Take a look at these people who have an uncanny resemblance with these famous personalities.

Lookalikes That Will Leave You Stunned

1. PM Modi’s Lookalike Sells Pani Puri

narendra modi

Credits: Karan Thakkar & Narendra Modi/ Instagram

An Instagram video went viral with a man selling pani puri who had a striking resemblance to our Prime Minister himself. In the video, the man introduced himself as Anil Bhai Khattar and says that the Prime Minister used to sell tea while he sells chaat. Moreover, he has a similar voice to Narendra Modi. Take a look at this doppelganger of our Prime Minister.

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2. Arvind Kejriwal Lookalike Sells Chaat

arvind kejriwal

Credits: Vishal Sharma & Arvind Kejriwal/ Instagram

Delhi’s Chief Minister is seen in public places doing his work. But in an Instagram video, his look-alike is seen selling street food on a cart in Gwalior. The video starts with Arvind Kejriwal’s doppelganger listing delicacies on his menu. The man adorns similar spectacles, his iconic cap and facial hair. He goes by the name Gupta and is taking the Internet by storm.

3. Virat Kohli Sells Clothes

virat kohli lookalikes

Credits: Manav Manglani & Virat Kohli/ Instagram

The Indian cricketer is an icon for many cricket fans. However, seeing him selling Puma clothes had people confused. A guy in Bandra was selling these clothes and he had similar facial features to the cricketer himself. He looked so similar to Virat Kohli that people actually went to him and asked for a selfie. This was even addressed by the cricketer in his Instagram story while tagging Puma.

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These were three lookalikes of famous people who could make you confused between the real and the doppelganger.

Cover Image Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons