Love Karak? Dubai Welcomes First-Ever Lounge, Karaki That Serves A Hot Cuppas & Arabic Delights

A cosy culinary haven in Dubai Festival City Mall.

by Deeplata Garde
Love Karak? Dubai Welcomes First-Ever Lounge, Karaki That Serves A Hot Cuppas & Arabic Delights

Dubai Festival City Mall has a new gem on its first floor: Karaki Lounge. This cosy spot serves delightful karak tea and a variety of hot beverages, paired with modern twists on traditional Arabic cuisine. Karaki Lounge offers a unique dining experience that fuses the familiar comforts of Arabic flavours with innovative culinary flair.

A Cosy Spot In Dubai For Karak & More

Karaki Lounge has quickly become a favourite destination for those seeking a relaxing atmosphere with delicious food and drinks. Known for its inviting ambience, the lounge is the perfect place to enjoy a cup of steaming karak tea, a staple in Arabic culture. Alongside Karak, the menu boasts a range of hot beverages that complement their eclectic food offerings. The lounge’s design combines contemporary elegance with cosy elements, making it an ideal spot for both casual meet-ups and quiet moments of indulgence.

A Modern Twist On Arabic Cuisine

At Karaki Lounge, traditional Arabic dishes get a contemporary makeover, creating a menu that excites both the palate and the imagination. Each dish is crafted to preserve the essence of Arabic flavours while incorporating modern culinary techniques and presentations.

Savoury Delights

Karaki Lounge’s savoury menu includes a variety of dishes that cater to diverse tastes. The Keema Green Peas combines spiced minced meat with fresh peas, offering a hearty and flavourful start to your meal. For seafood lovers, the Shrimp Pasta marries succulent shrimp with perfectly cooked pasta, infused with aromatic spices. The Roast Beef with Hamsa Sauce provides a rich, meaty option, while the Shakshuka offers a vegetarian delight with its spicy tomato base and poached eggs. Those seeking lighter fare can opt for the refreshing Roast Beef Salad, which balances robust beef slices with crisp greens and tangy dressing.

Decadent Desserts

Every meal at Karaki Lounge is complete with trying their exquisite desserts. The Lotus Baked French Toast served with vanilla ice cream and mixed berries, is a crowd favourite, blending the sweetness of Lotus biscuits with the comfort of French toast. For a taste of traditional Arabic sweets, sample their wide range of Luqaimat—golden, deep-fried dough balls drizzled with date syrup or honey. These desserts provide the perfect sweet ending to a meal filled with diverse and delightful flavours.

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Karaki Lounge at Dubai Festival City Mall offers a refreshing take on Arabic cuisine in a cosy, welcoming setting. Whether you’re stopping by for a quick karak tea or indulging in a full meal, Karaki Lounge promises a memorable dining experience that celebrates the region’s rich culinary traditions with a modern twist. Visit Karaki Lounge and discover why it’s fast becoming a favourite spot for locals and tourists alike.

Cover Image Courtesy:Karaki Lounge Dubai/ Instagram

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