Low Salaries, High Rent & More, Tweet Thread Reveals The Reality Of Living In Ireland

by Tooba Shaikh
Low Salaries, High Rent & More, Tweet Thread Reveals The Reality Of Living In Ireland

Many Indians dream of travelling abroad and settling in a  foreign country. Among the popular choices for such an endeavour are the United States of America, the United Kingdom and even Ireland. Many people like to romanticise life in a foreign country as it purportedly offers better job opportunities, better pay, and an all-around better lifestyle. However, this tweet thread bursts that bubble and reveals the reality of living in Ireland.

Living In Ireland Not As Easy As It Seems

In a string of tweets, a Twitter user revealed what living in Ireland is actually like. Many people have the tendency to romanticise life abroad and the opportunities it offers. However, according to what this tweet says, it is not the garden of roses that people think it is.

The tweet reveals that the salaries in Ireland are similar to what one would expect in a third-world country. One of the many reasons why people seem to want to go abroad is that the pay in developed countries is way better. However, according to this tweet, such is not the case in Ireland.

The tweet also goes on to specify that the rent for apartments in Ireland is extremely high, to the point that they are close to 50 per cent of your salary. It also says that finding an apartment is a huge struggle as well.

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Most European Countries Are The Same Story

The tweet thread goes on to discuss that this is not just limited to Ireland but is the case with most European countries. The tweet went as far as to say that European countries are akin to a war veterans who cannot stop talking about the glory days of the past.

The user, Harsh Vardhan, said that they received this information after living in Ireland for seven years. They even said that their brother has Irish citizenship. They said that European countries have high-income taxes to support their welfare system but since you’re not a citizen of the country, you don’t get any of the benefits of the welfare system.

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