Lucknow’s Chaudhary Singh International Airport Goes Silent. Passengers, Take Note!

by Sanmita A
Lucknow’s Chaudhary Singh International Airport Goes Silent. Passengers, Take Note!

Lucknow’s international airport is following the footsteps of the other international airports in our country – Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru and Chennai. Lucknow’s International Airport, Chaudhary Charan Singh, will have no announcements regarding flights and their schedules. Instead, the passengers must keep track of their flights via digital display boards. Yes, no more voice announcements at this International Airport in Uttar Pradesh. Such a development will mean a lot of changes for passengers in Lucknow. Read on to know the latest updates!

No More Announcements At Lucknow’s International Airport

Well, the first reason is passengers can take peaceful flights. At times, the constant announcements become weary for passengers, and one needs to constantly keep themselves alert, which tends to disturb passengers to an extent. To avoid creating this sense of urgency all the time, Lucknow is bringing forth this considerable change. Passengers can now read books, listen to their favourite music and podcasts, talk and do much more without any disturbance.


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Will This Move Help Passengers Or Disrupt Operations?

Airport authorities will set up several display screens and boards within the airport at strategic locations. This will enable the passengers to keep track of their flight schedules easily. These locations include terminals, check-in halls, security areas etc of the airport. However, Covid-19-related announcements or urgent announcements at Lucknow’s international airport will be made whenever required. Therefore, this initiative will not run without informing the passengers and creating awareness programmes.

The authorities aim to inform passengers about the new development at Lucknow’s International Airport and get them acquainted with the system via social media platforms.

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