Lucknow’s Jagdish Malai Makkan Is A 70-YO Shop Serving Thick, Creamy & Yummy Malai Makhan. Go Try!

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Lucknow’s Jagdish Malai Makkan Is A 70-YO Shop Serving Thick, Creamy & Yummy Malai Makhan. Go Try!

What makes a shop run for years in the same area? Zero compromise on quality! Yes, nothing can match the impression that good-quality food can have on people. It helps any business thrive for longer. Similar is the case of this 70-year-old shop in Lucknow. This shop in Lucknow has been selling thick, creamy, and super yummy Malai Makhan for 70 years now, and we are salivating. 

Lucknow’s Famous Malai Makhan

Every time someone mentions Makhan, I am sure Lord Krishna comes to mind. He was known to steal maakhan from people’s houses during his childhood. 

Malai Makhan is a traditional Indian sweet dish and is also known as Malaiyo or Nimish in different parts of the country. This sweet dish is made especially in the winter season, and it is said that it is prepared early in the morning, at around 3am to 4am. 

This yum dessert is prepared in different parts of Uttar Pradesh, most prominently in Kanpur, Lucknow, and Varanasi. So we at Curly Tales explored the streets of Lucknow and found a legendary shop that is 70 years old and serves the best malai makhan in the city. 

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A Long Process

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Walk on the streets of Lucknow, and you will see many makhan malai shops and street vendors during the winter season. But this shop in Chowk Gold Darwaza in Lucknow is known for the consistency and rich quality of the dish. 

The dish is made using milk, where the milk is churned for hours, which is known as “Mathaina”. The churning machine is known as Tasla and has two ropes around it, using which the milk is churned to get thick malai. It is then mixed and beaten in a particular way to make it more thick, and this process also adds to the taste. 

Then they add sugar and saffron water to this thick makhan to bring in more taste. This mixture is mixed with very light hands so that it does not dissolve the makhan that is formed. 

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Idea To Store

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It is believed that makhan cannot last longer, and hence the seller came up with the idea of storing it on the ice. This helps the makhan stay fresh, at least till noon, so that people can come and enjoy this dish.

The dish is then garnished with silver varakh, which is edible, and you must have seen it on many other Indian sweets. And then it is covered by a see-through lid, and people get fresh servings every time they come.

It is a must-try if you come to Lucknow during the winter. The shop is open from 7am to 3:30pm every day. It is served for only ₹150 at Jagdish Malai Makkan. 

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