Luka Leads The Way As Kochi Makes History As First Kerala Airport To Fly Pets Overseas!

A brighter future for international pet travel from Kochi!

by Mallika Khurana
Luka Leads The Way As Kochi Makes History As First Kerala Airport To Fly Pets Overseas!

In a groundbreaking development, Cochin International Airport (CIAL) has soared into new territory by becoming the first airport in Kerala to facilitate the overseas travel of pets. This historic moment was marked by the departure of a Lhasa Apso pet named ‘Luka’ from Kochi on Thursday, accompanied by owners Rajesh Susheelan and Kavitha Rajesh from Attingal.

Kochi Airport Becomes The First In Kerala To Fly Pets Overseas

Luka’s voyage from Kochi to Dubai via Doha was a momentous occasion for his owners. It also marked a significant turning point for pet owners in the region who are faced with the difficult decision of leaving their cherished companions behind when moving abroad.

Numerous pet owners have expressed relief and happiness over CIAL’s approval to travel with their pets to foreign countries. With extensive services to meet the needs of both travellers and their furry companions, this ability solidifies CIAL’s standing as the area’s top airport.

The Times of India reported that CIAL released a press release outlining the steps taken to support this pet travel service. These comprise a special cargo area, a 24-hour air-conditioned pet station, 24-hour veterinary care, and a customs clearance centre. It also includes and a facilitation centre to help people bring their pets with them for export.

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Luka’s Trailblazing Journey From Kochi To Dubai

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Photo Credits: Canva

Pets could only be transported as cargo to and from domestic locations. However, with CIAL’s expanded authorisation, they can now be transported as cargo. They could be carried to any foreign country in cages that have been specially prepared. This major improvement creates new opportunities for pet owners to travel abroad and simplifies the process for pet owners.

There are also plans underway to obtain authorisation for the direct import of pets from overseas. Efforts are already being made to enhance the pet travel experience at CIAL. Authorities are also setting up a special “animal quarantine” centre, according to reports from the Times of India. It will certainly guarantee the smooth and safe entry of pets into the nation.

Apart from its pet export facility, CIAL can manage the import and export of fruits and plants. A fully functional “plant quarantine” centre is situated close to the cargo section. These extensive services highlight CIAL’s dedication to enabling a variety of cargo operations while upholding efficiency and safety.

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