Mumbai Airport Dodges Disaster As IndiGo Jet Lands While Air India Takes Off From The Same Runway

Amidst swift investigations, concerns over air traffic control protocols emerge.

by Mallika Khurana
Mumbai Airport Dodges Disaster As IndiGo Jet Lands While Air India Takes Off From The Same Runway

In a heart-stopping incident at Mumbai’s Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport yesterday, hundreds of passengers narrowly escaped a catastrophic collision. As an Air India jet was taking off, an IndiGo aircraft touched down on the same runway. The alarming event, captured on video and circulating widely on social media, has prompted swift action from aviation authorities and raised serious questions about air traffic control protocols.

IndiGo And Air India Planes Narrowly Miss Collision At Mumbai Airport

The incident happened during what should have been routine operations. As per the NDTV reports, the Directorate of Civil Aviation instantly conducted a thorough investigation into it. In response to the gravity of the situation, an Air Traffic Control official has been immediately relieved of duty pending the outcome of the inquiry.

In the video footage, both aircraft can be seen occupying the same runway simultaneously. The IndiGo plane, en route from Indore to Mumbai, appears to be landing just as the Air India flight bound for Kerala’s Thiruvananthapuram gains momentum for takeoff. This risky incident sparked immediate concern among passengers and aviation experts alike.

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Incident Triggers Probe Into Air Traffic Control Procedure

runway collision
Photo Credits: Wikimedia Commons

IndiGo has moved swiftly to reassure the public, asserting that their pilot adhered strictly to Air Traffic Control instructions. In a statement released following the incident, the airline emphasised its unwavering commitment to passenger safety. It also pledged full cooperation with authorities in the ongoing investigation.

According to NDTV, Air India has maintained that their aircraft was cleared for takeoff by Air Traffic Control as per standard procedures. The airline stressed that their crew followed established protocols throughout the departure process. It also expressed readiness to assist authorities in uncovering the root cause of the alarming runway incursion.

The incident has certainly underscored the critical importance of stringent air traffic management and heightened vigilance among aviation personnel to prevent such potentially catastrophic events. As authorities delve into the details of the incident, passengers and industry stakeholders are anxiously awaiting the findings. They are also hoping for swift corrective action to ensure the safety and integrity of air travel operations at Mumbai Airport and beyond. 

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