Make Your Candle & Eat It Too! Have You Tried The Viral Butter Candle?

by Sanjana Shenoy
Make Your Candle & Eat It Too! Have You Tried The Viral Butter Candle?

Don’t you just love scented candles? Ever feel under the weather or simply blah, light a fragrant candle and watch it change the entire vibe of a space. Inhale in delicious, floral smells and everything seems a little better. The Internet now has — a viral butter candle — a DIY scented candle where you can not just light it but also eat it.

DIY Butter Candle Is Delicious & Beautiful

A perfect holiday hack, an edible gifting option, indulgent DIY condiment just to zhuzh things at home, the butter candle can don many hats. Instagram page Spoon University (@spoonuniversity) shared a viral recipe to make a DIY butter candle. Now, whether you’d like to prepare a regular butter candle or a flavoured one with garlic, cinnamon or even basil, the Internet is filled with exciting recipes.


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When it comes to the one by Spoon University, all you need to do is take melted butter, and mix it with crushed garlic in a bowl. Pour this mixture into a cup and add a wick. Let this sit in the fridge and cool for a while. After a while, remove the butter from the cup mould and voila, you have a garlic butter candle.

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Light the candle and dip a crusty bread and watch indulge it with the melting hot garlic bread. It’s simply mouthwatering and a great conversation starter at parties. I mean come on, wouldn’t it be amazing to sit around a table with friends, chat the night away, dip pieces of bread in the butter candle and devour it hot?

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Add Flavourings & Zhuzh It Up

If you’d like to take things up a notch, then add a little red wine to give your candle a fancy light pink hue. For a citrusy aroma, add lemon and herbs and even bacon for a punch. The handcrafted edible butter candle also works really well with cold cuts, pies, waffles, brownies all kinds of bread. It’s like a hot dip that looks cool! Get it?

So, are you planning to make this DIY butter candle for your next house party? Tell us how it goes!

Cover Image Courtesy: Spoon University/ Instagram and Pixabay