Man Alleges Cafe Mondegar Refused To Serve People Wearing Traditional Holi Clothes; Netizens Share Views

Cafe Mondegar in South Mumbai did not allow a man wearing traditional Holi clothes to have a meal inside.

by Shreya Ghosh
Man Alleges Cafe Mondegar Refused To Serve People Wearing Traditional Holi Clothes; Netizens Share Views

Who doesn’t love the festival of colours? Celebrating rituals, smearing gulaal, playing with colours, and relishing Holi-special dishes make this festival special for everyone celebrating. No matter how much fun we have, we cannot deny the mess of colours that we create every year. During the occasion this year, some people were not served food in Mumba’s Cafe Mondegar. A man shared the entire incident on the X platform and it has sparked a conversation among people already.

Cafe Mondegar Allegedly Refused To Serve Food To Some Visitors

Taking to the X platform, Hindu lens #ModiKaParivar (@LenzSanatani) shared a screenshot of the previously made post.

The original video shared by Sagar (@wildontheright) is now deleted. The now-deleted tweet has been shared by several users on social media showing how Cafe Mondegar in South Mumbai allegedly did not allow a man to grab a table and have food as he was wearing a kurta with gulaal smeared on the outfit and his face as well.

In the now-deleted X post, Sagar mentioned how the waiters ignored them and the menu was snatched off as well.

हम लोग We The People 🇮🇳 (@ajaychauhan41) shared a video of a few people trying to get a table at the cafe and someone from the cafe having a heated conversation

According to all the videos and posts, the posh cafe did not allow them to be at the cafe as one of them had gulaal smeared on him. This led to a major chaos inside the place.

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How Are Netizens Reacting To The Recent Incident?

Though the original video has been deleted by the user, many similar videos are currently making rounds on social media platforms. Ever since the clips began to go viral, the cafe has been receiving flak from hundreds of Netizens. Calling Cafe Mondegar a shitty place, many are complaining about poor services too. Some even termed the recent incident as a colonial mindset. Here’s how X users are responding to the cafe not allowing some customers on Holi.

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On the other hand, many Netizens are standing in support of this much-talked-about cafe in South Mumbai. Old visitors are in praise of the services and are sharing positive experiences of visiting the cafe. Some even pointed out that people who were not allowed at the cafe seemed to be intoxicated and creating chaos. A Netizen even asked why any cafe would allow people with gulaal on them to create a mess on the floors and chairs.

What are your views on this viral incident that occurred at Cafe Mondegar in South Mumbai yesterday? Do you think the management was wrong in refusing to serve these visitors?

Cover Image Courtesy: X/ हम लोग We The People 🇮🇳 (@ajaychauhan41), X/ Anuj Jajodia (@Anuj_Jajodia)

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