Man Claims He’s Come From Year 2858, Says Aliens Will Come To Earth On October 3

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Man Claims He’s Come From Year 2858, Says Aliens Will Come To Earth On October 3

All the fictional sci-fi genre fans have surely thought of traveling into the future by using some time travel machine. We have all been a bit inquisitive about the future. There is now a self-proclaimed time traveller who says he is from the year 2858. Even some disclosures regarding what would happen to the globe in the following 800 years have been made by him. This included the appearance of aliens on earth. 

Man Claims Aliens Will Soon Come To Earth

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The self-proclaimed time traveller used his social media account @darknesstimetravel to reveal what will happen in the future. 

He asserts that he is aware of both the apocalyptic date and the approaching alien invasion. He does not, however, address how he may be from the future if the earth is about to die in a few years.

He predicted that alien species, who will be our adversaries, will attack Earth at some point in the future. In this case, mankind must protect its species. He predicted that an alien of the Vanguard race would visit Earth in the upcoming three months, or on October 3.

Vanguard And Distants

Credits: Canva

According to the man, the aliens or rather Vanguard will come to us with crucial information. Distants, an enemy group of aliens, are attempting to catch Vanguard in order to murder them. The Vanguards world, which is 20 light years away from Earth, was destroyed by them. He is now the last surviving Vanguard.

About 12,000 people will travel with him to the planet Kepler-186F. The Distants will pursue him and wreak destruction on Earth. In reality, the distant are the true owners of the planet, and they have built pyramids to demonstrate their claim to it. 

On every planet with life, they carry out this activity. With this piece, the man has revealed who will bring about the end of the world, but not the exact day. Despite the fact that this assertion is obviously false, some individuals are agreeing with it in comments on Tiktok. (As per News 18)

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