Man Hilariously Uses Barbie Doll As Chopsticks While Having Dinner With Family

by Sanmita A
Man Hilariously Uses Barbie Doll As Chopsticks While Having Dinner With Family

The internet is churning crazy and bizarre videos all the time. Time and again, we come across weird happenings that really make us question as to what is exactly up with the world. Well, there are times when some of the videos, surprise us, but many make us question people’s sanity too. We are guessing you too, will be shocked when you see this video of a man using a Barbie’s legs as chopsticks to eat his food. Were there no real chopsticks available? God alone knows!

How This Man Used Barbie Legs As Chopsticks!

An insane video cropped up on the internet of a man using Barbie to gulp his food. From what it looked like, the man was sitting with his family and eating. When the rest of the members pick their food with chopsticks, the man effortlessly uses a Barbie, holds it, and grabs his bite with its legs. Quite creative right? The caption of the post, shared on the Instagram account Pubity reads, ‘Barbie doll has use for grown ups too (ViralHog).’

Take a look at the video that says, ‘When there isn’t enough chopsticks for everyone’ here –


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Netizens Say Don’t Throw Away Your Barbie Doll

It is not just us who were completely taken about the normalcy of using Barbie as chopsticks. The people on the internet found the entire setting super hilarious. A few even thought as to how this thought did not cross their minds. Well, here are a few comments that we found super interesting about the video –

I can’t wait to use my training chopsticks 🥢 How did I not think of Barbie!? 😆💅💖✨🫶🏻

Conclusion: Don’t throw away your Barbie doll 😂

I’d be so mad!! My Barbie 😂😂😂

Would you ever put your Barbie through this use? Tell us!

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