Man Orders Pomegranate Online Only To Find It Tasting Like Nail Polish! Like What Just Happened? 

by Sanjana Shenoy
Man Orders Pomegranate Online Only To Find It Tasting Like Nail Polish! Like What Just Happened? 

There have been plenty of cases where online deliveries have gone bizarrely wrong. From people getting soap boxes instead of the swanky mobile they ordered for or pure vegetarians receiving non-veg food parcels, the cases are endless. This time, a man ordered pomegranate online only to find it tasting like nail polish. Wondering what just happened? Read on to find out!

Pomegranate Ordered Online Tastes Like Nail Polish!

Content creator, Samdish Bhatia took to his Instagram account @samdishbhatia to share an unusual incident. Apparently, the influencer ordered a packet of pomegranate (anaar) from Swiggy Instamart. Very seriously, Samdish goes on to add that after he took a spoonful of pomegranate and put it in his mouth, he could smell and taste familiar.


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No, it didn’t taste like fruit, instead, it tasted like… nail polish! Very seriously, the content creator goes on to verify that it did indeed taste and smell like nail polish. He wondered what the worker was thinking when he filled nail polish inside the packets of pomegranate. And yes, he instantly spat out the fruit.

Samdish Bhatia, in his caption tells Swiggy Instamart that no one expects a bright red pomegranate like Fidel Castro. But at least the company and its workers mustn’t put the lives of consumers at risk. When it comes to him, he admits to having a burning sensation on his tongue for 2 days, ever since he tasted the pomegranate.

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Netizens Investigate This Matter

But Netizens took on this investigation in the comments section. Many started speculating on the reason behind the pomegranate smelling like nail polish. One person commented that it could be because of the yeast breaking down the sugars from the food. And it smelt like nail polish because it wasn’t properly seeded.

Pomegranate nail polish

Another dished out an important piece of advice — never order peeled fruits from anywhere. Put some effort into fruits like pomegranate otherwise order east-to-peel fruits. Yet another Instagrammer criticised Urban Harvest for delivering rotten papaya, in his case.

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Meanwhile, have you ever ordered fruits online only to receive rotten ones?

Cover Image Courtesy: @samdishbhatia/ Instagram