US Woman, Who Lives On A Secluded Island, Travels 200 Miles Each Time To Get Her Online Deliveries

by Shreya Shriyan
US Woman, Who Lives On A Secluded Island, Travels 200 Miles Each Time To Get Her Online Deliveries

In a world where food and other parcels get delivered to our doorsteps, this Alaskan woman’s story is definitely going to amaze you. This woman from a secluded part of the US, in Alaska, uses a small plane and flies 200 miles to get her online deliveries. Yes, even her food at times!

Woman In Alaska Flies 200 Miles To Get Her Online Parcels

Salina Alsworth who is 25 years old, lives in a secluded part of Alaska, called Port Alsworth. Alsworth has a TikTok following of over 340,000 followers. She documents her life in the isolated town and has gained a lot of fans who are curious about her lifestyle, reported Daily Mail. 

In her essay with Insider, Salina explained that in order to go grocery shopping she has to fly an hour to Anchorage, the largest city in Alaska. An activity most of us take for granted is a pre-planned task for Alsworth. 

The report also mentions Salina saying how there are absolutely no recreational facilities in her small town of 136 people. This means no pubs, clubs, bars, shopping malls or even restaurants. The most populated the town ever is, is during vacation season with numbers going just as high as 400. 

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Would You Fly 200 Miles Just To Get Your Food Delivery?


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Salina owns her ancestral resort in Port Alsworth. She stays with her husband, Jared Richardson, because of the same resort. The reports also stated how the couple met. Jared Richardson visited as a tourist but then fell in love with Salina, eventually staying back for her. 

Salina’s family has lived here for five generations. According to Salina, getting good food, going to a restaurant, or shopping requires a 200-mile plane trip. Her great-grandparents started the Port Alsworth community when they moved here in the 1940s, reports Daily Mail. 

Visiting Port Alsworth might be a delightful experience, but residing here presents its own challenges. Necessary supplies are flown in from Anchorage, which is the nearest city. The roads remain poorly constructed, limiting transportation to small planes rather than on-road options, state reports. 

Bears and moose are often spotted resting along the roadside and the place has a small clinic, a maternal ward, and a gift shop. Salina also mentions in the report that winter brings additional difficulties with fog and snow. 

Despite this, they have embraced the lifestyle and plan to acquire a plot for their dream house in Port Alsworth. 

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While we take most of our everyday activities for granted, there are people like Salina and Jared, who live with such a lifestyle. Do you think you’d be able to do it? Fly 200 miles for a food delivery pick up? Let us know what you think, in the comments.

Cover image courtesy: Salina Alsworth’s Instagram / @salinaalsworth