Man Puts Tape On The Flight’s Wing Before Takeoff; Passenger Records The Incident

by Shreya Ghosh
Man Puts Tape On The Flight’s Wing Before Takeoff; Passenger Records The Incident

Remember that scene from F.R.I.E.N.D.S when Phoebe Buffay said “Something Is Wrong With The Left Phalange” to Rachel Green? This conversation turned out to be quite scary for Rachel’s co-passenger. Hearing about something fishy going on with the aircraft can be stressful for anyone and everyone on the flight and none of us cannot even imagine doing something with the flight so that we can enjoy a peaceful journey. But a man had some other plans when he was spotted wrapping tape on a flight’s plane. What was he trying to do?

This Video Of A Man Putting Tape On The Aircraft’s Wing Is Going Viral

A YouTuber took to his YouTube channel “Truth Tech” to share the entire incident. You can watch the video here.

A TikTok user @myhoneysmacks captured a video where a man was seen wrapping some tape on the plane wing. The passenger was flying with Spirit Airlines. It can be seen the airline staff is putting tape and repairing some parts, that too before the flight was about to depart from the airport. This TikTok video started making rounds everywhere and people asked questions about the security concerns.

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In the shot video from the window, the passenger stated how this is a major problem that the staff is taping the flight when passengers have already boarded the aircraft. She even added that she will not fly with the Spirit Airlines anymore. She also raised queries about following the protocols for maintenance and the safety of the flyers. The passenger even pointed out that the employee will once again roll a new tape after it loses its stickiness.

Experts Have Expressed Their Views On This Incident!

Some experts in the aviation world have decided to comment on this video getting viral all around. They stated that the tape shown in the video is speed tape. This is not any regular one that we commonly use. Instead, this has the ability to be intact and stay in proper shape even when the flight is flying at a speed of 600 mph, according to a report by ARY News. Not just the speed, speed tape even works great during any environmental crisis.

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Though this is a great product, airlines cannot use this to deal with any major repairs.

What do you have to say about this incident?

Cover Image Courtesy: YouTube/ Truth Tech