Manali Stays ‘Open’ And Welcomes All Tourists While Other Places Close Doors Due To Coronavirus Scare

by Kanika Sharma
Manali Stays ‘Open’ And Welcomes All Tourists While Other Places Close Doors Due To Coronavirus Scare

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Ever since the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, there are number of places not only around the world, but in India as well that have been under a lockdown. While every other city is being cautious, Manali in Himachal Pradesh has decided to remain ‘open’ and welcome all tourist.

What’s More?

The Manali Hotelier’s Association (MHA) Anup Ram Thakur was reported as saying that, ‘the hoteliers have decided to face the situation with all possible preventive measures. We will remain open and continue to host tourists.’

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Manali is among the most popular tourist spots in Himachal Pradesh. A major part of the local economy depends on the revenue generated from tourism. Shutting it down completely would have meant the economy facing a direct hit. There are numerous hotels and homestays located in this town, along with many travel agencies. There are over 3,000 taxi operators and apart from the numerous restaurants and local shops, there are about 4,000 families that are involved in tourism related activities. If the city were to come to a halt immediately, all this would take a major hit.

What Are The Precautions That Are Being Taken

The MHA president was mentioned as saying that they are ‘requesting the heath department to establish temporary camps where people can be sanitised. The hotels have been asked to take necessary precautions, and avoid large gatherings. Special attention will also be paid to workers and tourists from other parts of the country and suspicious cases will be reported.’

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The tourists will also be required to make self declaration of travel history and all vehicles, buses will be checked for COVID-19 suspects.

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Amid all of this, if there is no other way left, but to close down the town, the Manali authorities ensured that the government would have their 100% cooperation, but as of now, they still want to continue to exercise caution and keep the business running.

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However, we would still suggest that you don’t make any plans, stay home and avoid stepping out to ensure that you, your family and friends are safe.