Manam From Hyd To Naviluna From Mysuru, 7 Best Chocolate Brands From Different Regions Of India

Indulge in a journey through South India's cocoa plantations and innovative chocolate-making techniques, where every bar tells a story of sustainability, terroir, and irresistible flavor.

by Mallika Khurana
Manam From Hyd To Naviluna From Mysuru, 7 Best Chocolate Brands From Different Regions Of India

In the heartlands of India, where the art of chocolate meets a tapestry of flavours and stories, a quiet revolution is underway. From the tranquil groves of Auroville to the bustling streets of Chennai, a cadre of chocolatiers is redefining indulgence with each cocoa bean they touch. These are not just chocolates; they are narratives of terroir, crafted by hands that honour tradition and innovation in equal measure. Explore the amazing Indian chocolates from different regions of India.

Best Chocolates From Different Parts Of India

1. Mason & Co.


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Mason & Co., nestled in the serene surroundings of Auroville near Puducherry, epitomises the fusion of craftsmanship and ethical sourcing in chocolate making. Fabien Bontems and Jane Mason founded the company, which promotes organic farming methods throughout South India. Each chocolate bar is a testament to their dedication, free from preservatives and emulsifiers. The exclusive flavours that instantly woo all chocolate lovers highlight their commitment to innovative, organic ingredients.

2. Manam Chocolate


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Meaning ‘We’ in Telugu, Manam Chocolate is a celebration of Indian craftsmanship in chocolate. Located in a sprawling 10,000 sq. ft. space, Manam Chocolate’s Karkhaana integrates chocolate making with retail, offering a unique immersive experience. From Indian-inspired global cuisine at Manam Cafe to crafting over 43 varieties of chocolate tablets, every visit promises a journey into the rich flavours of Indian cacao. Their dedication to quality goes from sourcing native ingredients to meticulous chocolate-making techniques. It truly ensures that each bite is an indulgence in local excellence.

3. Soklet


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Soklet stands as India’s pioneering tree-to-bar chocolate manufacturer, situated at the foothills of the Anaimalai Hills in Pollachi. From breeding cacao trees to crafting their signature bars, Soklet controls every stage of production. Their commitment to organic farming and sustainable practices underscores their holistic approach to chocolate making. It makes each bar a testament to purity and flavour rooted in the South Indian terroir.

4. All Things

Based in Jaipur, All Things merges Belgian chocolate expertise with fresh, seasonal Indian ingredients. Launched online in 2015, the brand has redefined chocolate indulgence with offerings like the Belgian dark chocolate-sangria combo. Each bar is a canvas of flavours inspired by personal travels and local tales, reflecting their ethos of ethical sourcing and sustainable production. From ‘Bean to Bar,’ All Things ensures that every chocolate experience is a journey through sensory delight and cultural appreciation.

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5. Naviluna


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Based in Mysuru, Naviluna is the first bean-to-bar chocolate house in India, using only organically certified Indian cacao beans. Their terroir-centric approach emphasises flavour complexity and sustainability, cold-processing cocoa to preserve its nutritional integrity. With a focus on small-batch production, Naviluna offers a range of seasonal and permanent flavours that showcase the distinctiveness of South Indian cocoa. It ensures each bar is a tribute to local heritage and natural abundance.

6. Kocoatrait

Chennai-based Kocoatrait champions sustainability with India’s first zero-waste, plastic-free chocolate initiative. Their commitment to the circular economy extends from single-origin, organic chocolate sourcing to innovative packaging solutions. Through initiatives like the ‘fine chocolate starter kit’ subscription, Kocoatrait aims to educate and elevate chocolate appreciation among consumers, emphasising quality, ethics, and environmental stewardship in every decadent bite.

7. Paul and Mike

Named after Latin American cocoa farmers, Paul and Mike is based in Kochi, Kerala, with cocoa farms in Kochi and Coimbatore. The objective of their contemporary method of fermenting and processing cocoa is to improve the calibre of Indian cacao beans. From farm-to-bar tours to a dedication to fine-flavour cocoa, Paul and Mike showcases the art and science behind premium chocolate making. With ingredients like local fruits and pure cocoa butter, their chocolates embody purity and richness, offering a glimpse into the future of Indian artisanal chocolate.

Each of these brands crafts exceptional chocolates and commits to sustainability, local sourcing, and the artistry of chocolate making.

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