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Manoj Bajpayee
by Mallika Khurana

Manoj Bajpayee is definitely one of the most talented actors in the Indian film industry. With over 100 films, he is now a household name. Even those who didn’t know of him by name are now his fans after his spectacular show The Family Man. The same impressive person joined our Editor-in-Chief Kamiya Jani on this episode of Sunday Brunch.

Do watch the full video to know of all the fun they had together!

Manoj Bajpayee Makes Really Great Mutton And Fish

The important questions were taken care of first – When asked if he was a foodie, he answered positively and added that he likes to cook as well. While it came as a surprise, he mentioned that he makes amazing aloo gobhi and mutton and we believe him.

However, before we could react and follow up on it, Manoj Bajpayee mentioned that his wife Shabana is a much better cook than he is. In fact, she prefers if he doesn’t cook. He also accepted that in comparison to his wife, his cooking skills aren’t great. But he still sounded a little proud of putting in the effort. He also added that he makes great Mustard Fish.

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He Shared Why He Can’t Stand Seafood

Manoj Bajpayee Sunday Brunch

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To our surprise, even though he makes really nice Mustard Fish, he shared that he cannot stand seafood. Being from the Northern part of the country, he wasn’t around seafood as a kid and once he grew up, he couldn’t get used to its smell.

Manoj Bajpayee went on to elaborate on his special Mustard Fish. He explained that this is how fish is typically consumed in Bihar. Soaked yellow mustard seeds are coated around the fish and then it is cooked.

Talking about Bihar, we discussed the difference in lifestyle between Bihar and metropolitan cities. While people in Bihar live like one huge family, neighbours in metro cities hardly even bother to speak.

Next in the conversation, Manoj Bajpayee shared the culture shock he faced when he moved to Delhi. To know all about it, watch the complete video!

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