Ebraheem Al Samadi Shares He Started His Business From Zero | Curly Tales

by Anupriya Mishra
Ebraheem Al Samadi Shares He Started His Business From Zero | Curly Tales

Ebraheem Al Samadi recently broke the internet with the announcement of his wedding. It saw many popular notable celebrities in attendance, including other Dubai Bling stars like Farhana Bodi and Loujain Adada. And on the latest episode of Curly Tales Sunday Brunch Middle East, he met with our Editor-in-Chief, Kamiya Jani wherein he got candid about his life, journey, and of course, the popular Netflix series. So, if you have also been guilty of following these people closely, and have rewatched the show innumerable times, you’ve got to watch the entire episode. Here’s a snippet from the interesting interview, wherein he talks about how he started from zero!

Started From Zero – Ebraheem Al Samadi

In the latest episode, Ebraheem Al Samadi talked about building his empire and how his journey began as an entrepreneur. While digging into the sumptuous dishes from his restaurant, he said, “So my business capital was literally a pair of jeans that I had in my possession… a pair of jeans that cost $10 and sold it for $20. That’s the beginning of my empire! There was no money behind it, no assistance from my family, at all. My father did support me by giving me advice, but never any financial support. My mom never gave me financial support but for me, her blessings and my father’s blessings are more important than any other factors.”

Elaborating further on this topic he also shared a word of advice, he said, “Take your failures as a lesson, don’t take it as a failure. You have to learn from it so that we can build and make something better.” Now that sounds like some really solid advice for everybody who is constantly facing challenges in their lives, yet continues to take themselves up and fight all the adversities.

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The Interview Happened At Forever Rose Cafe, Dubai

Ebraheem al Samadi
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During the interview at his own restaurant, Forever Rose Cafe in Dubai, he admits that all the items on the menu are a combination of dishes that he personally favours. These include toothsome options, like Shakshooka, Mushroom Risotto, and Wagyu Burger. Let’s just say, all these offerings look absolutely Instagrammable, just like the cafe. He also talked about a variety of topics and admitted that he loves Indian food! As it happens, Ebraheem also mentioned that he started his first business at the age of 14, his life in Kuwait, and how did the move to Dubai happen for him. While talking about the popular series, Dubai Bling, he mentions his learning from the show!

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