Dubai Bling Star Ebraheem Al Samadi Got Married, And It Was Like A Dubai Bling Cast Reunion

by Shreya Ghosh
Dubai Bling Star Ebraheem Al Samadi Got Married, And It Was Like A Dubai Bling Cast Reunion

If you love watching reality shows and the extravagant lifestyles of stars, chances are you might have watched and loved Dubai Bling on Netflix. The reality show is one of the most popular ones at the moment and the fans are absolutely eager to know more and much unseen sneak peeks of these stars. One of the main cast members Ebraheem Al Samadi just got married to, well, we all are wondering the same. But, the fairytale wedding ceremony also looked like the perfect reunion of the Dubai Bling cast. From Farhana Bodi to Loujain Adada, most of the main cast was present at the wedding to celebrate one of Ebraheem’s but day.

Here Are Some Sneak Peeks To The Marriage Ceremony Of Ebraheem Al Samadi

The groom shared some beautiful photos from last night and we are in love with the pictures. Let’s take a look at those.

Ebraheem donned a wedding Kandura for the marriage. He shared quite some photos of his wedding attire and the pictures are screaming chic and luxury!

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Loujain Adada wore a magnificent dress to Ebraheem’s wedding. She took to her Instagram to share so many precious snippets and glimpses of the special day. What did the wedding venue look like? Check out her reel to know!


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The Wedding Was Simply Extravagant Dipping In Luxury!

The gala wedding was attended by so many and Danya Mohammed, Farhana Bodi, Farah Hassan, Lojain Omran, Loujain Adada, and Mona Kattan are some of the many!

Picture credit- LJ Loujain Adada Instagram, FARHANA Instagram

Dubai Bling stars know how to add bling and glam everywhere they go. And the stars made sure to spread their royal aura here as well. Everyone looked drop-dead gorgeous donning marvellous outfits.

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Ebraheem Al Samadi
Picture credit- FARHANA Instagram

Farhana took to her stories to share some photos of the cake and it is just massive. A tiered cake decked up with flowers and more looked so elegant that we are craving some now! If the cake looks this delish, we can only imagine its taste.

Ebraheem Al Samadi
Picture credit- farahhassanofficial Instagram

The girls definitely had a gala time enjoying the marriage ceremony and posing for pictures and videos.

Ebraheem Al Samadi
Picture credit- LJ Loujain Adada Instagram, FARHANA Instagram

We are not exactly sure of the food spread for the wedding but it is surely looks massive and gastronomical. Some stars of Dubai Bling also shared some videos of some food and drinks and everything looks so appetising.

As shared by Farhana on her stories with the groom, the wedding is Forever Rose cafe-style with 2D decor, beautiful roses all around with Ebraheem’s oud brand as well on display.

We are very, very, very curious to know whom the Dubai Bling star is addressing as “wife”. Till then, we are re-watching the recent Curly Tales Sunday Brunch episode with Ebraheem Al Samadi.

Cover Image Courtesy: Instagram/ Ebraheem Al Samadi, Instagram/ FARHANA