Marking A Unique Event On March 28th, Here’s Where You Can Spot 5 Planets Forming A Dreamy Arc!

by Curly Tales Desk
Marking A Unique Event On March 28th, Here’s Where You Can Spot 5 Planets Forming A Dreamy Arc!

Simply put, the cosmic world is dreamy. No matter how much we get to know about it, it will always have more in store. We all know of the planets in our galaxy but who knows how many galaxies are there in total? Such intrigue is rare and even the images of neighbouring planets seem so magnificent. What if you could see them with your own eyes? Marking a unique cosmic event, 5 planets, namely, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Uranus and Mars will be visible to the naked eye in the sky. These 5 planets will be seen forming an arc from March 25th to March 30th.

5 Planets Will Be Spotted Forming An Arc

Planets forming an arc
Photo Credits: Canva

It will be a stunning sight, to say the least. While some of the planets will be visible quite easily, you would want to avoid the city lights to spot the others. Also, planning a sighting on a clear, cloudless day would be the right this to do. As per the scientists, it will be visible to pretty much everyone under the sun.

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Where Can You See These Planets

Planets forming an arc
Photo Credits: Canva

Not sure how to spot each one of these? Here’s all you need to know to pick the right spot.

1. Valleys

Obviously, a clear sky is crucial for a great view. Hence, if you live in a hilly area, going up to a certain height will definitely help with clarity. Even valleys surrounded by mountains all around make up for a great spot. For instance, those living nearby can go to Spiti valley and make an evening out of it.

2. Open Grounds

A vast land with nothing around has got to be the perfect place to make the most of this event. It will also be the easiest spot to find. You can find a field or a high stadium. Once you make sure all the lights are off and not becoming a distraction, you will get a great view. To make it grander, those in Gujarat can take a trip to the Rann of Kutch.

3. Beachside View

Photo Credits: Canva

Talking about being away from city lights, how can we miss the serenity of beaches? With nothing but a deep blue sheet in front of you, you will be able to soak in the cosmic view.

4. Go Beyond The City Limits

Going beyond the city limits to an area deprived of that thick layer of pollution is probably the first step. Consider going to a farmhouse situated on the outskirts of a city, surrounded by trees. It will definitely help you get a clear view.

Cover Image Courtesy: Canva