Matheran’s Only Man Made Lake, Charlotte Lake, To Be Revamped With Plazas, Dam Wall & More!

by Shreya Rathod
Matheran’s Only Man Made Lake, Charlotte Lake, To Be Revamped With Plazas, Dam Wall & More!

Situated amidst the densely forested area, Charlotte Lake in Matheran offers a scenic view of the mountain. It is a perfect spot to spend some peaceful time while enjoying the natural beauty of the mountains! The Maharashtra government is planning to revamp Charlotte Lake since it is the only source of potable water and a man-made lake.

Charlotte Lake In Matheran To Be Revamped!

charlotte lake matheran
Credits: Flickr/ ganuullu

The only supply of drinkable water for the hill station, Matheran’s Charlotte Lake, is set to be revitalised by the state government. The project, which received permission from a state-level technical committee on March 13, 2023, will be implemented under the Center’s Amrut 2.0 Abhiyan. It will also involve the construction of plazas, an approach, and a dam wall to create tourist infrastructure.

According to an official of the Matheran municipal council, Charlotte Lake is a manmade lake created by the Britishers. It features a dam made of masonry and earth. Despite being on a plateau, the catchment has a steep drop of over 150 metres over a 1.5-kilometer region. The plateau’s laterite cover renders the catchment extremely susceptible to erosion.

The officer said that the forest was being destroyed by the increased human interference in the lake catchment. According to him, there is a loss of greenery and an increase in soil erosion. Environmentalists examined the lake conservation plan and offered solutions like culvert modifications to lessen erosion and prevent silt from entering Charlotte Lake.

Additionally, they have suggested nullah bunding and contour-trenching with native vegetation plantations. This can lessen erosion and help the catchment area’s dense forest cover to return.

As per a Hindustan Times report, a Matheran resident named Sunil Shinde stated that while Simpson Tank and Charlotte Lake provided water for Matheran, only Charlotte Lake provided drinkable water. Further, he revealed that they pay the highest water rates in the state.

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Highest Water Rates In The State

Credits: Flickr/ Himanshu Sarpotdar

They pay ₹26 per 1,000 litres for residential purposes while ₹178 per 1,000 litres for commercial purposes. The water pumped from Ulhas River is stored in these lakes and if they are clean, more water could be stored.

The project is expected to cost ₹5 crore and will be finished in a year. Of this, the state will give ₹2.25 crore, the centre will give ₹2.5 crore, and the Matheran Municipal Council will give ₹25 lakh. The plan calls for clearing the canal bed of wet silt.

Reusing the silt that was extracted from the lake is necessary to preserve the roads and trees, which have always been vulnerable to soil erosion.

In addition to providing the majority of Matheran’s water needs, the lake is a great place to unwind and escape the bustle of the city. The lake stretches out, with the Pisarnath temple at one end and a dam at the other. Additionally, one may see Echo Point and Louisa Point, two of Matheran’s well-known viewpoint points, from the lake.

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