McDonald’s India Drops Tomato Off Their Menus Citing “Seasonal Issue”; Meanwhile Tomato Prices Are Soaring

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
McDonald’s India Drops Tomato Off Their Menus Citing “Seasonal Issue”; Meanwhile Tomato Prices Are Soaring

I am sure many of you here are McDonald’s fans and love the burgers, wraps, and other items that the food chain offers. But would you like these items the same without the tangy twist that tomatoes bring to them? Not sure. Well, many McDonald’s stores in India are dropping tomatoes from their menu items and have pasted a note about the same in the stores. But the stores have not connected this to the soaring prices of tomatoes. 

McDonald’s India Drops Tomato Off Their Menus 

Many McDonald’s India stores have decided to drop tomatoes from their menus. McDonald’s India-North and East, stated that because of seasonal issues, they are not able to procure tomatoes that pass their stringent world-class quality checks. Hence, they are forced to serve people their favourite snacks without the tangy veggie. 

One spokesperson from the company said that they have discontinued the use only because they could not get the quality tomatoes they needed. There are some outlets in the Punjab-Chandigarh area where they are still serving it as they are able to procure it. 

The team is trying to get the best again and continue the usage. But until then, people will have to miss the tomatoes in their favourite burgers and wraps. 

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Pest Attacks On Crops Lead To Decreased Yields

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Though McDonald’s did not mention the surge, netizens think the price surge is surely the reason.

Due to the tight supply of tomatoes owing to heavy rainfall, the prices of this veggie have surged in many places. The prices had reached over 150 per kg in many cities. 

Online prices on various apps showed the prices to be around 160 per kg, making it worse for people who rely on online grocery services. The prices of this veggie normally spike during July-August because transportation of this highly perishable commodity gets tough during the monsoon, but this time the prices went a little too high. 

The reason behind this sudden hike is said to be the sudden rise in temperature during March and April, which resulted in pest attacks on the crop. 

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