Meals At Just ₹20 On Platform Announced By Indian Railway For General Coach Passengers

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Meals At Just ₹20 On Platform Announced By Indian Railway For General Coach Passengers

The Indian Railway is known for coming up with various initiatives to make sure that every passenger’s travelling experience is enhanced. Their recent initiative has been launched with general coach passengers in mind. To make sure that the general coach passengers get healthy and tasty food at minimal prices, they have launched meals at ₹20 on the Platform near the general coach compartment. 

Meals At Just ₹20 For General Coach Passengers

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In order to improve general coach passengers’ travel experiences, Indian Railways has decided to provide reasonable meals and bottled water. According to a directive from the Railway Board, counters offering these meals would be positioned on platforms parallel to the general coaches. 

There are two categories for the meals. The type one costs ₹20 and comes with seven “pooris,” dry “aloo,” and pickle. Passengers could choose from a variety of South Indian dishes, including rice, rajma, chhole, khichdi kulche, bhature, pav-bhaji, and masala dosa, for ₹50 for the type two meal.

These compartments are accessible to anyone with a general or unreserved ticket purchased at the counter. The meals will be provided by the IRCTC’s kitchen facilities (Refreshment rooms, RRs, and Jan Ahaars, JAs).

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Service Available In 51 Stations

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The Railway Board has given the relevant officials orders to set up counters at the platform near the GS coaches. They will provide affordable bottled water and low-cost meals at these counters. General seating coaches are referred to as GS coaches.

It is an open coach in the second class. Normally, every train, including mail and express trains, has two GS coaches—one at the front of the train and one at the back. 

According to the statement, railway zones will select where to put these counters. This is to line them up with GS coaches on platforms. The service is currently active at 51 stations, and as of Thursday, it will also be accessible at 13 additional stations. Officials claimed that 200 ml drinking water glasses are being provided at these kiosks. (As per Zee News)

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