Meet Sara, World’s First Robot Check-In Assistant Launched By Emirates

by Tooba Shaikh
Meet Sara, World’s First Robot Check-In Assistant Launched By Emirates

Emirates Airlines is one of the foremost in the whole world. They are constantly upgrading their services to improve the experience of their customers. Now, they have set another precedent by introducing the world to Sara. Sara is the world’s first robot check-in assistant and is designed, by Emirates, for the express purpose of making your travel experience convenient and smooth. The robot was recently unveiled and is equipped with state-of-the-art features that will allow it to do its job superbly.

Emirates Robot Assistant Equipped With Cutting-Edge Technology

Emirates robot
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Sara is located in ICD Brookfield Place and will help you scan your documents, assist in check-in, and even print out your boarding pass. You can find her at the newly-opened Dubai International Financial Centre or the DIFC facility in Dubai.

It also comes equipped with the facility of luggage drop-offs that can let you drop your luggage off as early as 24 hours prior to your flight. It will accept luggage drop-offs only till 4 hours prior to your flight. It has a wide LCD screen that measures 2.5 metres and is also touch-friendly.

Moreover, according to many reports, Sara is just the beginning. Future versions of Sara will be more advanced and will be equipped with even more facilities. For instance, it is being said that in future, Sara will be given arms so that she can even transport your luggage.

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Other Interesting Features Of The Robot

Emirates robot
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This particular robot assistant also has other cutting-edge technological features such as facial recognition. This will make the verification of documents and the check-in process hassle-free for travellers.

What is more? Passengers with a viable boarding pass will also be privy to certain lifestyle facilities in the ICD Brookfield Place. Passengers can also shop from certain stores while they wait for their flight. And to make their experience more enjoyable, they will also be privy to some exclusive discounts.

This robot might just be the first of its kind and if it takes off, you will see Sara in many other locations too.

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