Meet The ‘Healthiest MasterChef Of India’ Who Spreads Awareness About Eating Food In Its Most Natural Form

No oil and no boil is the motto for the preparation of food.

by Ankita Mazumdar
Meet The ‘Healthiest MasterChef Of India’ Who Spreads Awareness About Eating Food In Its Most Natural Form

This fast-paced environment demands processed and ready-to-eat food for people who might not have time to prepare meals regularly. This results in overlooking the nutritious value offered by the food that comes with an expiry date. Amongst those is a hero in shining armour known as the ‘Healthiest MasterChef Of India’! Dr Padayal Sivakumar is reinventing healthy eating habits by encouraging eating food in its most natural state.

Who Is Dr Padayal Sivakumar, The Healthiest MasterChef Of India?

Almost 30 years ago, Padayal Sivakumar set off on a research expedition across the states of India to find magical and healthy food eating habits and methods. He realised that most of the nutritious value of the food is lost as soon as we cook it. He desired to absorb the readily available nutrients from the fruits and veggies in their utmost raw state.

With his incredible journey to understand and unravel the methods of traditional farming along with science, he comprehended that consuming food in its purest form is the most healthy option. It provides the maximum nutrition that our body requires. Next, he took it upon himself to spread awareness about this. He made more than 2500 dishes that require no oil and no cooking or boiling!

Padayal Sivakumar discovered food recipes by appreciating the natural flavours of raw ingredients. With time, he opened his restaurant in Chennai called, No Oil No Boil which follows the rules same as its name!

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No Oil No Boil’s Natural State Is Extremely Healthy

The Healthiest MasterChef Of India forbade the usage of any oil or boiling. Both contribute to the loss of important nutrients in the food. There is a plethora of delicious and nutritious dishes on the menu of Sivakumar’s No Oil No Boil. He inculcated almost every flavour from Indian states and produced culinary marvels at its most natural state. Go try it.

Eat nutritious and healthy meals and you will be amazed to see what is in store for you when you skip oil and boiling food.

Cover Image Courtesy: Instagram/padayalnooil_noboil

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