Melbourne Gets World’s 2nd Monopoly Theme Park With Glitzy Mansion Tour, 4DX Cinema & More

Australia gets World's 2nd Monopoly theme park and it has so much to offer! Enjoy a fun-filled day at this park with your family.

by Shreya Rathod
Melbourne Gets World’s 2nd Monopoly Theme Park With Glitzy Mansion Tour, 4DX Cinema & More

We have grown up playing Monopoly, the multiplayer economic-theme board game. The game helps you in understanding property value, trading properties and building a real-estate empire. In addition to board games, there is a theme park too. Further, the World’s 2nd Monopoly theme park has just opened in Melbourne, Australia, called ‘Monopoly Dreams’! Here is all about it and what it has to offer.

Melbourne Get’s World’s 2nd Monopoly Theme Park!

Australia has just become home to the World’s 2nd Monopoly theme park called ‘Monopoly Dreams’. Monopoly Dreams Melbourne is not just a mere entertainment site. It is an amalgamation of innovative ideas, real-life entertainment and nostalgia! It takes the board game to another level where visitors can immerse in a world without boundaries between board game and reality.

In this place, you can explore famous landmarks, iconic characters and challenges. This is all brought to you in an interactive environment. You can start with Mr Monopoly’s mansion and get to know what the home of the richest man looks like. Further, you can step into his study, browse through his gallery and explore his personal collection. Further, you can take a chance at testing his vault’s security system which holds diamonds!

Then comes the Monopoly Jail, which is a real-life recreation where you can take a mugshot. Not to forget the Monopoly Bank where you get hold of as much money as you can. Powering an Electric Company, earning money and getting your hands on a helicopter are some of the things which you shouldn’t miss out on.

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In addition to this, the mansion has a 4D cinema. We are familiar with 3D cinematic experience but 4D elevates the experience of watching a movie! You can experience this state-of-the-art and immersive multi-sensory cinematic technology. It also features an exclusive, never-before-seen movie. Special 3D glasses are provided to make the adventure come alive. Further, there are state-of-the-art motion-enabled chairs which move synchronised to real-life effects.

Souvenirs To Treasure Your Memory

Finally, souvenirs are important as they help us treasure special moments. The theme park has a store with exclusive merchandise and a photo-worthy cafe where you can dine.

History Of Monopoly

Players have been enthralled with the timeless board game Monopoly since its inception in the early 1900s. Charles Darrow created Monopoly during the Great Depression, and it has since grown to be one of the most well-known and popular board games in the world. The game is a perennial favourite among families and friends because of its unique combination of strategy, luck, and negotiation.

The game’s objective is to make the opponent bankrupt while trading properties. Every property on the game board represents a street or monument, and the stylized metropolis is separated into multiple sections. In order to move across the board, acquire properties, and collect rent from opponents who land on their owned squares, players take turns rolling dice.

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The ultimate objective is to establish colour group monopolies in order to increase the rent that rivals must pay to occupy those properties.

Cover Image Courtesy: MONOPOLY DREAMS Melbourne/ Facebook

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