Michelin Star Restaurant To Prepare Dish With Fish Semen. Say Whaaat?

by Shreya Ghosh
Michelin Star Restaurant To Prepare Dish With Fish Semen. Say Whaaat?

Every time we open social media, some weird food videos make sure to pop up on our feed. Be it on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, or any other video-sharing platform, most of us are really fed up with bizarre food combinations. While some of us cannot take these anymore, on the other hand, there is a massive demand for both such content and delicacies in different parts of the world. And this time a Michelin Star restaurant has joined the crowd in serving something very unconventional, a dish prepared with fish semen. Now that seems very unusual, right?

A Spanish Michelin Star Restaurant Has Plans To Use Fish Semen To Cook A New Dish!


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Chef David Munoz is the mastermind behind this brand-new innovation. He is all set to launch this new dish prepared with fish semen as the Driver XO. Nestled in Madrid, Driver XO is this Spanish chef’s restaurant. David Munoz is quite optimistic about this latest and unusual addition to his restaurant’s menu. He has tasted a delicacy prepared with fish semen in the past and that has influenced him to prepare something like that for his own restaurant.

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Renowned Japanese chef Hiro Sato prepared a dish named Shirako using fish semen and Spanish chef David Munoz enjoyed it. Shirako is quite a surprising delicacy and one can make it using cod, octopus, monkfish, and pufferfish, according to a report by NY Post. It is quite smooth in texture and its taste is inexpressible for many people. Influenced by Shirako, he also plans to prepare the same for the guests coming to his restaurant, Driver XO.

Netizens Have So Many Reactions On This New Dish; Mostly Contracting!!!

After Dabiz Muñoz posted a picture of the dish prepared with fish semen on Instagram, Instagrammers started pouring their comments and reactions under the post. The chef mentioned in the caption that this dish tastes indescribable. While most Netizens do not want to taste this dish and many even think it to be a bad idea, there are some foodies who are actually interested to try this.

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Shikaro might look unusual to most of us, but it is actually quite a popular dish served in Japan. Will you ever eat something prepared with fish semen? Do let us know if you like to enjoy such dishes.

Cover Image Courtesy: Instagram/ Dabiz Muñoz (@dabizdiverxo)