Mira Kapoor Shares Surreal Pics From Her Switzerland Trip With Kids

by Shreya Ghosh
Mira Kapoor Shares Surreal Pics From Her Switzerland Trip With Kids

Mira Kapoor and the loves of her life are on a family getaway to Europe. Mira with her daughter Misha Kapoor and son Zain Kapoor is spending the most perfect time on their vacation to Switzerland. She keeps on sharing glimpses and updates of her life on social media quite regularly and keeps her followers happy and engaged by interacting with them and posting about what’s happening lately. She is an avid Instagrammer and we absolutely love that!

Mira Kapoor Uploaded Alluring Photos From Her Switzerland Trip

The star wife posted a few pictures from her trip to Switzerland and we love how beautiful the pictures are. She posed in front of a spectacular backdrop of mountains and greenery and the scenery is just magical. Surrounded by mountains, the place looks straight out of Pinterest with small yellow flowers blooming in between the bed of grasses and the charm of valleys enchanting the location. She posted the pictures with the caption ‘Haseen Vaadiyan 🏔’ and we completely agree with Mira. Apart from the scenic beauty, what caught our eyes is the cute little photobomber. Mira in fact used the hashtag ‘#serialphotobomberisback‘ under the caption of this post.

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Who Is The Photobomber In The Photo?

All the pictures she shared look absolutely stunning but the third photo seems like everyone’s centre of attention. Her little son, Zain made a cute appearance in this photo and photobombed Mira posing in the luscious nature. Mira was attempting to stand and pose on a rock and Zain came in between her and the camera. It seems like Zain was also trying to capture a pretty picture for her mother.

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It is not sure if Shahid or Misha clicked the pictures as Shahid was not seen in any of the uploads. Mira’s followers are showing a lot of love in the comment section and they are really enjoying watching the little photobomber photobombing her mother’s photos.