Misal Pav To Rajma Chawal, These Indian Dishes Are On World’s Best Traditional Vegan Dishes List

by Shreya Ghosh
Misal Pav To Rajma Chawal, These Indian Dishes Are On World’s Best Traditional Vegan Dishes List

We Indians might love to try new cuisines while exploring new cafes and restaurants, but at the end of a busy or tiring day, we cannot end the day without some homemade Indian food. Not just in our country, the popularity of this cuisine is increasing all around the world. The homely taste and yummy spices steal everyone’s heart. But if you think Indian cuisine is all about biryani and butter chicken, let us tell you that this cuisine has tons of vegan dishes to offer. In fact, some of these vegan dishes have just entered a global list of the best delicacies. Let’s find out which are these dishes!

This Platform Has Released The List Of The Best Traditional Vegan Dishes In The World

TasteAtlas is a well-known experiential platform and this online guide has recently shared a list of the Top 50 traditional vegan dishes in the world. From a vast range of Indian cuisine, several dishes have been included in this list. Wondering which these delicious dishes are, let’s find the names out!


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In the list shared by TasteAtlas, 6 vegan dishes from Indian cuisine have been included here. From Misal Pav to Aloo Gobi, Gobi Manchurian, Masala Vada, Bhelpuri, and Rajma Chawal, these delicacies are on this Top 50 list.

Here Are The Rankings Of The Top 50 Traditional Vegan Dishes By TasteAtlas

Misal Pav

We start craving some Misal Pav every time we hear about it. And this spicy Maharashtrian delicacy has made it to the list with a great rating of 4.4 at the 11th rank.

Aloo Gobi

Simple yet delicious Aloo Gobi is on this list as well. With a rating of 4.3, this dish is in the 20th position on this list.

Gobi Manchurian

With a rating of 4.3, delish Gobi Manchurian is standing in the 24th position on this TasteAtlas list of best traditional vegan dishes.

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Masala Vada

Popular snack Masala Vada is on this TasteAtlas list as well. It is on the 27th rank with a rating of 4.3.


Bhelpuri is a classic street food and it has made its name on this list by TasteAtlas. It is in the 37th position on this list of best traditional vegan dishes with a rating of 4.2.

Rajma Chawal

Is there any substitute for Rajma Chawal? Well for me and many more Rajma lovers, the answer is simply a no! This North Indian soul-soothing dish is also on the Top 50 list of traditional vegan dishes and it is in the 41st position.

Which of these Indian vegan dishes do you love the most?

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