This Ramadan, Take Virtual Tour Of Delhi’s Jama Masjid

by Suchismita Pal
This Ramadan, Take Virtual Tour Of Delhi’s Jama Masjid

Ramadan celebrations will be very different this year. Though Muslims all over the world have already begun their customary fasting from dawn to dusk, going out and socializing with people is not an advisable option, considering the pandemic threats. Every year, the festival of Ramadan is observed in a gala way in Delhi. During the Ramadan month, the alleys of old Delhi, especially Chandi-Chowk, get jam-packed with people, who come to buy new attires and other requirements for the rituals. It is that one time of the year when shutterbugs rush to the iconic lanes with their cameras, capturing the colourful crowd, the striking line-up of kebabs, the prayer ceremonies and whatnot. But this time, all the flamboyant vibes over there have been replaced by an empty avatar. Many of us even had plans to explore the city now. But worry not. So what we can’t step out? We still can enjoy the spirits of the festival virtually. And we thought of telling y’all about an online tour that will take you through the marvellous Jama Masjid.

Why Take The Tour?

Amid the bustling streets of Chandni Chowk, stands the majestic historical architecture and one of the largest mosques in India, the Jama Masjid. It was built by the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan between 1650 and 1656 . The vast courtyard of Jama Masjid, with the sparkling pool in the centre, is an abode of immense tranquillity. One can visit Jama Masjid at any time of the year. But being at the place during Ramadan has a different value altogether.

Jama Masjid
Picture Credits: The Telegraph

On the eve of Eid al-Fitr, when the community finally breaks the month-long fasting of Ramadan, thousands of devotees gather at the masjid to celebrate the day of togetherness. The mosque looks profoundly picturesque on that day. A virtual tour through the masjid will transport that special feel right to the interiors of your home. Also, not every time you have visited the masjid, you have sneaked into the insides of the building. The online travel can help you do that too.

Jama Masjid
Virtual Tour of Jama Masjid

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What Else?

It rarely happens that when we head over to Jama Masjid in real, we don’t visit the food lanes adjoining it. The spicy tikkas, juicy kebabs, creamy kulfis, delish firnis, shahi tukras and every street delicacy around the place is a heavenly treat to a true foodie’s soul. This time we are missing them dearly. But if we think positively, we do have alternatives. We can bring the ingredients at home, cook the dishes in our kitchens and relish them after taking the online tour through the masjid.

Jama Masjid
Picture Credits: The Hindu

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You can start with your online tour here; and to explore the interiors, click here. While you stay at home, stay safe, stay positive and enjoy your trip to the fullest. Happy Ramadan everyone!