Mission Possible! Sunil Grover Has Taken On The Mission Of Selling Bhuttas In Rain

sunil grover
by Sanjana Shenoy

In the rainy season, it’s an absolute delight to bite into a smoky bhutta as you watch the pitter-patter of raindrops and the cool breeze. When the street vendor squeezes lemon, and rubs the corn on cob with chilli powder, chaat masala and butter, the bhutta is all you need to lift your mood. And now actor-comedian Sunil Grover, has taken on the mission of selling bhuttas in the rain. Check out his corny video!

Sunil Grover Prepares Bhuttas In The Rains

Sunil Grover recently posted a video of himself sitting on a bhutta cart in the rain. But he isn’t just passing time, The Kapil Sharma Show star has taken on a mission! With the Mission Impossible signature turn playing in the background, Sunil Grover tosses corn kernels in a wok and roasting bhutta over coal.


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The owner of the stall, a smiling lady is seen standing near him. He caption his post ‘Looking for next mission’. While it was uploaded on July 23, the reel has already garnered 2.2 million views on Instagram already. Laster Sunil Grover, dressed in comfortable casuals, wears his spectacles and a face mask.

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He Can’t Have Enough Of The Weather

The bhutta cart also has ripe guavas, mangos and cups filled with peanuts in it. Earlier, the actor even sat by the roadside, selling umbrellas to passers-by as he himself held an umbrella in the rain. Sunil Grover also shared an Instagram post of himself preparing hot rotis over a tawa, as he sat cross-legged on the floor. In that caption, the actor asked if his fans would like to eat roti.


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Looks like Sunil Grover is on a Mission to help street vendors get customers in the rainy season. Moreover, he seems to enjoy the weather and the pouring rains. The actor who’ll next be seen in the Shah Rukh Khan-starrer Jawan, also shared a video of himself dancing in the rains, wearing a black raincoat.

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From hot bhuttas to freshly-prepared rotis, looks like Sunil Grover what this dreamy, cold season demands.

Cover Image Courtesy: @whosunilgrover/ Instagram